Litecoin Could Soar With Brand New Exchange Listing

This morning, Charlie Lee of the Litecoin designation has tweeted some exciting news about a new exchange listing for Litecoin, one which has gotten Lee and the Litecoin community very excited.

In his tweet, Lee claims that tomorrow, ancient Korean exchange Korbit will be adding Litecoin to their listings, something which Lee has been trying to seal for some time now.

At the moment, Korbit only facilitates the exchange of Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and Bitcoin Gold, with Bitcoin making up the majority of the exchanges trading volume at 41.06%.

The addition of Litecoin, will add some much-needed versatility to the exchange and will give its customers a wealth of new trading opportunities. The news thus far seems to have had quite a positive impact on Litecoin.

At the time of writing, Litecoin stands valued at $135.01, up 5.72% with a market cap of $7,576,622,817. The currency is making good progress ahead of its rivals, Bitcoin and Ethereum which currently stand up 0.17% and 0.27% respectively.

In the grand scheme of things, this is only really a small addition to the armoury of Litecoin and realistically, in the grand scheme of things the listing shouldn’t make a huge impact to the value of the currency. It’s current performance however is an indicator that even at least, this is something people are showing some interest in, ahead of its nearby rivals so it would be wrong to refer to this listing as irrelevant.

Followers of Lee on Twitter seem to resonate this sentiment, with various positive comments flying around, such as ’16 million trade volume in last 24HR, that’s pretty big #Litecoin’, ‘Love your contribution and hard work dear Charlie. LTC patient coin start to wake up and prepare to run!!! Thank you so much’ and ‘That’s why we are going up right now’.

Naturally, others a feeling less optimistic, calling out Lee who did claim to have sold all of his Litecoin recently, although he is acting quickly to debunk this claim.

The community is in two minds as to what this listing will achieve, overall though it gives new customers a chance to trade Litecoin and importantly, it gives the Korbit exchange a chance to diversify and pick up new customers, giving them an opportunity to expand too.

Hopefully, we see some good movements from Litecoin in light of this.

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