Litecoin [LTC] and Ripple’s [XRP] downtown tragedy – Sentiment Analysis!

The cryptocurrency market has been going downtown since the massive Bitcoin [BTC] value drop. The chaos in the market is still on-going. The trading charts have only shown values dropping over the time. Whilst this market descent, the investors, and enthusiasts are still looking for answers through analysts predictions.

Market analyst predicts positive outcomes for both Litecoin [LTC] and Ripple [XRP] in the near future. As a part of our sentiment analysis segment, we at AMBCrypto want to help indecisive investors with their cryptocurrency trading. The following sentiments are purely an apprehension of influencers and investors.

Litecoin [LTC]

Litecoin is currently trading at $174.82 at a decline rate of 2.39% in the past 24 hours. Investors are curiously waiting for the bull-break from this drop-off. Especially with the announcement of the Winklewoss twins, founders of Gemini exchange about adding Litecoin to their trading list has soared to be a great news among the masses.

Tyler Winklewoss stated about their areas of expansion:

“are from the Satoshi Nakamoto family tree — Bitcoin cash, Litecoin”

Allan Nguyen, a Litecoin influencer says:

“Alot of rumors are going around about Starbucks and Amazon adding LTC as a payment option. Even if they remain a rumor it still shows Litecoin is doing something right. We already know this bc it will be added to Gemini sometime this year. Can’t stop won’t stop!”

Rian O, a Litecoin supporter says:

“So on the 29th of jan 2018 litecoin price was $180 ish ( the same it is now ), the market cap was around 508 billion US dollar , today it’s 375 billion , ltc dominance has started already”

Damien Grey, a Litecoin investor from Manhattan says:

“This is absolutely disappointing. I had all my bets of Litecoin to do well in the market, but being all so dependent on the Bitcoin price, I am very upset. Litpay was supposed to help the prices to go high, nothing they do seem to make the prices higher.”

Our study group of size 20 members included 8 current Litecoin investors, 3 former Litecoin investors, 5 market analysts, and 4 influencers. We received a mixed response, more leaning towards the negative. 75% believed that there will be further drop in the prices as the Bitcoin price is on the verge of dropping. As a result, Litecoin will be affected adversely.

Ripple [XRP]

Ripple, the top 3rd coin in the global cryptocurrency market is currently priced at $0.781584 with a drop rate of 1.42% in the past 24 hours. Ripple has been making news with its announcements of various partnerships giving a positive conception to its investors. It is freshly recovering towards the bullish side with its price against Bitcoin [BTC] over the past few hours, reaffirming the hopes of the investors.

Jack Devine, an early Ripple investor, and a supporter says:

“You should all know that the XRP prices didnt really take off up until the mid of 2017. Back then, the XRP token was only $0.02. Today, they have grown almost upto $ 1.00 AUD. Give Ripple a chance. It is only going to get better. Patience is the only keys towards success and Ripple will succeed.”

Johan Lip, a Ripple advocate says:

“Its freakishly unbelievable how people still have such doubts on Ripple. People are no unaware of what potential Ripple has. I consider investing in Ripple as no risk. I know it will successfully fly high. Within this week, Ripple reached up to $0.84 and $0.74 twice. It just needs consistency. Once this Bitcoin drama is over, Ripple will once again shine.”

A blogger from Medium says:

“Remember that impressive 100+ list of financial institutions Ripple is working with? Guess what, they are all using xCurrent. And xCurrent does not use XRP. – alarming reasons Ripple might not be what you think”

April Lawn, a disappointed investor says:

“Ripple technology might be good. But their token is completely going to go nowhere. It’s already being forgotten. I cannot afford their ‘dips’ anymore.”

The Ripple study group consisted of 14 members including investors, influencers, cryptocurrency bloggers and market analysts. 55% of the members favored the chances of Ripple’s growth counting on the fact that Ripple has potential to overcome this disastrous value drop. 65% of them believe that the prices will go down even more with Bitcoin’s bearish looking graph.

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