Legendary NWA Rapper, Ice Cube, Scoops DeGod NFT for 265 Solana (SOL)

NFTs are the Ultimate F*ck You to the Mainstream Programmers of the World

The DeGods NFT community was quick to welcome Ice Cube. One community member known as Amol Trades could not believe that he owned ‘the same NFT collection as the OG, Triple OG, No Vaseline, Endangered species, Check yo self, rapper: ICE-MUTHAF*CKIN-CUBE.’

Ice Cube has been an ardent supporter of NFTs and had described them as being the ‘ultimate ‘f*ck you’ to the mainstream programmers of the world.’ He believes NFTs give power to the people in an era where creators earn a fraction of their potential earnings, which are usually gobbled up by record labels, media companies, and film studios.

DeadGods are a Mutated Version of DeGods

Therefore, Ice Cube’s purchase of a DeGod comes as no surprise. According to Solana explorer, Ice Cube’s NFT is DeGod #3177. Further researching the NFT on HowRare.is reveals that he spent 265 Solana for it on the Magic Eden marketplace.

An NFT enthusiast who does know much about DeGods might assume that the above two NFTs are not the same. However, Ice Cube’s DeGod NFT is a mutated version of #3177. These mutated versions of DeGod NFTs are aptly named DeadGods. For a DeGod to mutate, one has to spend 1,000 $DUST to change the metadata of the NFT to a DeadGod resulting in a 1:1 swap of the non-fungible token.

About the DUST Token in the DeGods Universe

$DUST is the native token of the DeGods universe and can only be created by either burning NFTs or staking a DeGod.

In the case of burning the NFTs for more DUST, the rarer a DeGod, the more DUST it will generate. Rarity is further determined through rankings. At the time of writing, 535 DeGods have been burnt, which is 5.35% of the total supply. 9,465 DeGods NFTs are now left in existence.

With respect to staking DeGods, original NFTs that have not mutated earn 10 DUST tokens per day. DeadGods, on the other hand, yield three times this amount at 30 DUST.

More information on the DeGods NFTs, including the project’s roadmap, can be found on DeGods.com.

[Feature image courtesy of @icecube on Twitter]

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