LBank Recruits Global Elites to Share Crypto Growth Dividends

We provide sufficient marketing budget, media, and operation support to build global ambassadors’ reputations in the blockchain industry. Global Ambassadors will represent LBank in local marketing, branding, event hosting, charity sponsorship, and other industry activities to fully expand the local market.

At the same time, the global ambassadors will regularly attend the exclusive investment meetings organized by LBank with senior investment and research teams in the industry, discover and contact local, high-quality blockchain projects, and sincerely participate in the early incubation and service of the projects. Meanwhile, Global ambassadors enjoy projects listing priority in the region and will receive generous rewards.

LBank Community Ambassador

Community ambassadors are responsible for local community establishment, user growth, and community management, maintaining LBank’s brand image in the local community, delivering the latest market activities, and actively providing feedback and handling various emergencies encountered by the community. They will have independent authority to plan and operate community activities. In the meantime, Community ambassadors will enjoy a much-rewarded referral commission and bonus for community operation and management. In addition, community ambassadors with outstanding performance will be promoted to the global ambassador by LBank and get more rights and rewards.

LBank Campus Partners

Campus Partners are the pioneers of LBank in universities worldwide and are the new blood in the blockchain industry. LBank will provide a sufficient budget to help Campus Partners to carry out campus onsite activities (forums, lectures, receptions, etc.) to discuss and study blockchain ecologies and projects. Campus partners will write regular industry analyses and commentary, which will be published in top industry media, helping them to increase their recognition in the industry and get highly paid. Campus Partners with outstanding performance will be offered internship opportunities in LBank headquarters and receive a recommendation letter and job referral from LBank.

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