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ARK is one of the most credible projects in the blockchain industry. The team has been working tirelessly round the clock, upgrading their network, adding new experts to the team and doing other great activities.

The ARK team has been working to create an optimized version of the ARK Core v2 and have decided to brief stakeholder on the journey so far.

The ARK team has stated that upgrading their network is quite important. This will enable it to prepare for the next generation of deployable DPoS Blockchain.  The team has shed some light on some of the features that will be available in the upgrade.

ARK Core v2

The ARK team has deleted the Crypti/Lisk legacy code they previously used. Now they have their own unique build.

The upgrade to ARK core was necessitated by the fact that it could not handle the workload from the ARK Execution Services (ACES).

The codebase was not programmed to facilitate the need of the ARK platform, therefore something had to be done.

In 2017, the ARK team started rewriting the entire ARK code from the ground up.  Now they are almost done with it and will release the beta version on DevNet soon.

Just to whet your appetite, the following are some of the inherent features of the ARK Core v2.

-It will run on Mac/Windows/Linux.

-It’ll come with a single command line install.

-it’s fully component able (Relay Node, Forger, Transaction Pool, Storage, Public API, P2p API and more)

-Snapshots are not needed. (When a node gets stuck or forked, it will delete a certain number of blocks and synchronize with the network)

-Forging is protected by firewall

-The state machine is now programmable with an auditing API

-AlP11 implemented (protocol serialization).

-Allp14 Implemented (versioned restful API)

-It has Multiprocessors (separate CPUs for Node, Transaction pool and Forger processes).

-Fast Rebuild process via SPV (there’s an auto switch to full rebuild when its close to network block height)

-BIP38 encrypted and OTP encryption in RAM for maximum security

-Log rotation and compression

-Support for a vast array of database (MsSQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 and others)

-Internal forger API

-Revamped testing framework

-100 percent compatible with v1 protocol

-Dynamic fees (set by delegates)

The Co-founder of ARK, Francois Thoorens said that:

“Once the blockchain is downloaded and assuming it is not corrupted, we have managed to perform a complete rebuild in a little over 1 minute for Mainnet on a MacBook Pro. So now each time you restart your node, the script performs a rebuild so processes can be safely synced back to the network. We are still working to improve this rebuild to make a complete blockchain audit detecting any corruption of the blockchain.”

With the upgraded ARK platform, it becomes very easy to deploy DPoS blockchain.

ARK in Brief

ARK is focused on creating an ecosystem of smart and highly functional blockchains for developers and enterprises.

The ARK team is made up of experts in the blockchain ecosystem.  World famous marketer Jeremy Epstein is also a member of the team.  ARK is the first cryptocurrency SCIC in France, which is a great feat. The future is surely very bright for ARK.

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