How India Is Paving The Way For The Cryptocurrency Boom

India as a nation have a keen eye for cryptocurrency, their attention to detail when it comes to technological revolution is astonishing. Even more astonishing is their commitment to cryptocurrency education in their latest move.

The Indian Chamber of Commerce (FICCI) was established in 1927, it’s the largest apex business organisation in India yet has no direct affiliations with government, instead it is a not-for-profit organisation who’s aims are to provide services to its 2,500,000 members.

Their recent new campaign, see’s a fantastic education programme established throughout some of India’s major cities, including, Mumbai, Osmanabad, Indore, Delhi and Jaipur.

The programme has been designed to provide Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining education to young people in rural areas. The programme aims to teach these young people about various aspects of blockchain technology, in order to equip them with the skills to work in the industry when they grow older.

This is really important because through this programme, India and the FICCI are spearheading a movement that could catch on with other countries. By providing a platform to educate people about blockchain technology, two really important things will happen; firstly, perceived fears of cryptocurrency will be reduced. Secondly, the more people we have with a knowledge of the industry, the bigger it will grow. Ultimately both of these changes lead to one thing, the goal for many cryptocurrency enthusiasts – adoption into the mainstream.

By educating hoards of young people, India and the FICCI are on the verge of something quite special. Through this programme they may very well be the first country to adopt Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a live store value token.

Moreover, for these people that will be introduced to the programme, they will be part of a new generation of highly skilled coin miners that have the opportunity to enter the industry at a young age and mature with it. The programme not only offers them the chance to get a job with a major tech company, it also aims to equip them with the skills to go self-employed. Let’s not forget that many rural parts of India are impoverished, a new generation of skilled workers that can set up a business from home is also going to give communities a new chance to grow, boosting the economy, the job market and most importantly, the livelihoods of local, Indian people.

This is a programme I could fully get behind, as somebody who is still learning about cryptocurrency I appreciate the complexities of the industry. A young and talented workforce being trained up to boost cryptocurrency into the real-world is something we should all be very excited about.

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