GTFO: Antonopoulos Slams Bitcoin Cash Promoters, Purges BCH Sites From Book

Bitcoin educator and speaker Andreas Antonopoulos is revising his book “Mastering Bitcoin” to omit resources and companies that support Bitcoin Cash, the controversial fork of the bitcoin protocol. The long-term evangelist called BCH “propaganda” and “confusing for newbies”.

Andreas Purges Bitcoin Cash Resources

The first of these revisions went up today in a git commit to the public repository he uses to maintain the book, as well as crowd-source corrections and revisions. The comment on this change reads as follows:

“Removed all references to, as they are trying to push Bitcoin Cash propaganda with a modal window. Confusing for newbies and inappropriate for a textbook. GTFO”

We reached out to Antonopoulos for comment on the revision, but did not receive a response by press time.

“Mastering Bitcoin” is chiefly an educational text, and Antonopoulos has always purported to be an educator as much as an ambassador to the mainstream with his work.

BTC-BCH Split Caused Lasting Scars

This revision reflects a growing rift in the “old” bitcoin community — one that revolves around the block size debate, that culminated in the Bitcoin Cash team forking off the main chain to pursue alternatives to the more planned and engineered approach of Bitcoin Core developers.

We find each coin’s community growing less tolerant of the other over time, with public personalities in the space, like Roger Ver, pushing often harmful partisan narratives about the authenticity of one coin or another. While the original conflict is months past now, the scars it created run deep.

Bitcoin’s original information site has also removed links to online services that have supported Bitcoin Cash, either explicitly or implicitly.

These removals are a symptom of a sickness endemic to the space. Bitcoin users engage in tribal online conflict at the expense of productive development and project credibility. While Antonopoulos is considered a level head in Bitcoin, the purity tests for acceptance are increasingly stringent, and compliance to those standards define how well your work is received.

That isn’t to say that academic rigor isn’t a good policy in the first place, but this edit shows how far reaching the bitcoin block size conflict has become.

Should references to Bitcoin Cash be removed from canonical texts? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments.

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