GIA Sunrise Inc. Providing Innovative Digital Commodity Management Services for the Masses

GIA sunrise is an Asian firm focused on becoming the number one in the Fintech industry. They offer high-end digital commodity management services.

Blockchain technology was extensively talked about in the recently concluded World Economic Forum. The distributed ledger technology has a lot of capabilities. It has risen to capture the entire world.

Industries are now integrating blockchain technology into their processes.

The commercial and social value of the distributed ledger technology has been globally recognized.

Different blockchain organizations have been formed in recent times. A solid example is the R3CEV, which is supported by over 40 financial institutions

GIA Sunrise doesn’t want to be left behind in the blockchain revolution. Therefore, the CEO Mr. James Smith has gathered blockchain experts from different parts of the globe to create a blockchain enterprise.

GIA Sunrise has created a unique blockchain-based business model that will surely give investors massive returns on investments.

GIA Sunrise is focused on offering its partners a high-end and straightforward virtual assets management services. The company strives to be the best Fintech firm.

Members of GIA Sunrise include blockchain experts, experienced financial professionals, data engineers, market analysts and developers.

In addition to offering asset management services, GIA Sunrise will also make it possible for users to trade cryptocurrency on the platform.

Team GIA Sunrise

The founder is a blockchain enthusiast with years of experience in the workings of the distributed ledger technology terrain. He has invested in various ICO projects in the past.

This motivated him to establish a strategic partnership with various companies in the cryptocurrency trading industry.  Mr. James Smith is determined to lead GIA Sunrise and its entire members to the next level.

Mr. Han Rui – the chief operating officer of GIA Sunrise, has over 20 years cognate experience in the finance sector. He is well grounded in integrated financial management and debt management.

With Han Rui, the finances of GIA Sunrise are in good hands.

Mr. Xie Ming En – the chief information officer at GIA Sunrise, has worked for several years as an information tech expert in the United States and Singapore. He’s well grounded in information research, marketing, and team management. Presently, he’s in charge of information management at GIA sunrise.

Mr. Zheng Yao Zhong – he’s a graduate of the Singapore National Technology University. He has years of experience in forex and binary options development.  He is in charge of all the firm’s operations in the Asia Pacific region. He maps out critical strategies for GIA Sunrise to follow and so far he has been doing excellently.

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