Get Rewarded In Cryptocurrencies For Using Social Media

APPICS is a new social media app that is powered by blockchain and aims to reward social media users for their time and creativity spent online. It will be established on the Steem Blockchain, as one of the first Smart Media Tokens, where they will develop the concept of turning likes into cryptocurrency.

They aim to reward their users for the amount of time that they spend online, as well as giving them full control over their content. This makes them unique, and stand out from other companies that are offering similar rewards.

They have proposed that 65% of the revenue will be returned to the directors, 25% will be given to the users as their reward, and 10% will be reinvested into the platform. They have also made it clear that all ‘likes’ will be equal, and it will work on a voting system. They will offer 15 different categories of content on the app as well for users to choose from.

The trouble that APPICS face is the competition from the likes of Facebook and YouTube. They believe that they are different as it gives content creators a chance to monetise their online activities independently. They would also be censorship-free, something that they feel hold sites like YouTube back; however, they are quick to point out that;

“…violent, hateful, racist or detrimentally harming behaviour towards others will not be tolerated.”

Ease of use is incredibly important to the company, and they feel that this will be vital to their success. Because of this, they aim to make the platform as accessible as possible to everyone.

Every time a new account is opened, a wallet will be generated, which will enable users to transfer cryptocurrencies to friends instantly, for a small fee. Their ultimate aim is for the APPICS tokens to;

“[Be] traded and exchanged for any cryptocurrency or fiat currency.”

Something Bitcoin has been trying to do for years.

The token sale will run for 4 weeks with a discount for early investors. The full ICO will take place on March 28, when 120 million tokens will be available for $0.15 a piece.

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