Genesis Vision Launches Accord with Fully Licensed, Regulated Brokerage

The Genesis Vision project team continues to successfully chart the course it laid out in its roadmap. The group had to prematurely stop its pre-order options campaign ahead of the game, as it managed to attract the target amount in just two weeks.

The project is now ranked amongst the top three Russian initial coin offerings (ICOs) by crypto experts. Now it’s time to implement the planned events – Genesis Vision managers will be able to trade using top-notch trading services provided by Just2Trade (trademarked in Russia – Finam).

It’s important to stress that Just2Trade is a fully licensed and heavily regulated global broker with offices in the US, Europe, Russia, China, Mexico, and India. The group has been launched in order to provide direct access to financial markets for traders based in America and Asia, awarded for the lowest commissions and best customer service.

Alexey Kutsenko, CBDO of Genesis Vision, commented on the accord: “This cooperation is a fantastic opportunity for the Genesis Vision’s platform to provide our managers with the outstanding level of trading services, that Just2Trade delivers consistently.”

“The variety of trading instruments, high level of protection of clients’ funds and one of the lowest commission rates on the market will serve as a great addition to the overall trading experience,” Mr. Kutsenko explained.

Genesis Vision: made for brokers 

Genesis Vision has a number of advantages that will help allow the project to be successful, and, most importantly, to be applied in a real operating business. The company also has several close relationships with businesses that have been engaged in technological maintenance and software development for brokerage companies. This includes an emphasis on foreign exchange (FX) markets.

Their experience allows them to integrate all of the necessary software into the industry without unnecessary costs and delays or difficulties from the broker’s side. Just2Trade made a strategic move to stand out from tough competition among brokers, as the group will receive a number of additional advantages being one of the first brokers to join the community of experienced traders.

By joining the new crypto consortium, any broker will garner access to a secure, easy-to-integrate, and cost-effective crypto-payment gateway solution. Moreover, brokers will be granted a completely new, cutting edge percentage allocation management module (PAMM) system.

Of note, Genesis Vision is open for new brokers to join the community and offers this integration completely free of charge with no entangling burdens. At the moment, Genesis Vision is ready to launch the Alpha version of the platform.

Genesis Vision’s overall initiative will also help connect the first pilot brokers together, before they move on to connecting a larger number of brokers and managers. Such a diverse and complex system like Genesis Vision requires the highest quality and stability of the work, since it works with the clients’ money.

In order to be successful, the testing period and the running-in of the platform requires an exceptional attitude on the part of Genesis Vision’s team. All the market participants will have the opportunity to test the current platform demo version since April 1, 2018.

See the goal, don’t see the barriers 

Genesis Vision project represents a platform for trust management that unites stock markets, traders, and investors into a single ecosystem, where profits are distributed automatically among the participants.

The perfect example of high motivation and hard work of the Genesis Vision team is the success of its crowdfunding efforts despite significant barriers they bumped into. Helping this process was Genesis Vision’s project team head, who managed to pull strings in their respective personal networks. During the crowdfunding stage, Genesis Vision also managed to build a large and active community.

“The goal for the near term is to launch the platform and engage all our partners to participate, so that we not only provide speculative profit, but actually implement what we set out to do,” added Mr. Kutsenko.

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