Genesis Vision and Larson&Holz Team Up to Enhance Crypto Version of ‎FX ‎Broker

Offshore multi-asset broker Larson&Holz IT Ltd has ‎announced a strategic partnership with Genesis ‎Vision, a decentralized trust management platform ‎built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. ‎

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The deal aims to enhance Larson&Holz’s offering, which ‎was recently developed for creating a crypto version of a retail forex ‎broker. Under the broker’s new separate division, LH ‎Crypto, the company plans to transfer the existing ‎business model into the crypto environment, where all ‎ongoing operations with traders’ accounts will be ‎processed in cryptocurrencies only.‎

Larson&Holz IT Ltd is registered in Saint Vincent and ‎the Grenadines and offers access to various OTC ‎markets, including forex, CFDs and binary options. ‎The broker claims it doesn’t not need to acquire any licenses since it facilitates transactions and keeps funds only in ‎a blockchain–based environment.‎

Genesis Vision has developed a platform for a private trust management ‎market based on blockchain and smart contracts which serves as an ‎ecosystem for traders, investors and brokers.‎

The startup reflects an unconventional trust ‎management system, which unites exchanges, brokers, ‎traders, and investors into a decentralized network, ‎making the financial market even more global and ‎interconnected.‎

Genesis Vision constitutes the first platform to make a ‎foray into the private trust management market, ‎harnessing Blockchain technology and smart ‎contracts. The platform itself emphasizes a more ‎globalized outlook, whereby successful traders can ‎broadcast their trading strategies by attracting investments ‎from around the world.‎

Earlier in September, Genesis Vision has become the first initial coin ‎offering to successfully receive certification from the Financial ‎Commission.‎

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