Gaming execs, crypto industry leaders join CoinPoint at Bitcoin Cash Party in London

Cryptocurrency and blockchain agency CoinPoint gathered some of the biggest names and global leaders not just in the crypto industry, but also from the gaming scene, for a night of celebration—the Bitcoin Cash way.

Dr. Craig Wright, chief scientist of blockchain research and development firm nChain Group, and English professional snooker player Ronnie O’Sullivan joined nearly 200 attendees at CoinPoint’s Bitcoin Cash Party in London.

The event, sponsored by, was a celebration on the use of Bitcoin Cash—the true remaining Bitcoin as intended by the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper—as a sustainable electronic cash system that enables faster, safer, and more efficient global transactions.

“As part of our educational campaign, we push Bitcoin Cash—the real Bitcoin—because as Bitcoin users, we actually believe that this is the true and real Bitcoin as it was supposed to be,” Eilon Arad, director of business development at CoinPoint, told

For Wright, the Bitcoin Cash Party was a testament on how people are aware of the need “to build a world that’s inclusive.”

“We have the people in the gaming industry, these are the people who are the heart of a type of entertainment industry, and this is the point, it’s not hurting anyone, it’s not bad and we don’t want companies and banks and governments telling us what we should do when we’re not doing anything wrong to other people. We want to be able to spend our money how we want, without having to answer to anyone in any state, Bitcoin allows that. These people here understand that, and all of us want to build a world that’s inclusive,” Wright said.

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