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Everyone likes free stuff, despite their political affiliations, religious beliefs, or financial status. I’ll be first to admit I like it too. Alex Scagz from Coinvention, about to happen soon 20-21st of September, offered me a slot on the billboard adverts for the Philadephia conf. That’s a great innovative and creative blockchain marketing example offering another childhood dream to become a reality. My hat off to you, Alex! You can see the drone shot footage here.

Be free in Vegas,

The previous being said, I half-jokingly say sometimes that nothing turns a libertarian communist faster than asking for free stuff from creatives in return for uncredited exposure. In this case, couldn’t be happier to participate. Now. After some appreciation, tough love and ego trips, the reality is that our current biggest commodity is attention. That attention has a price attached to it for sure – no matter how it is earned. With some awesome companies, we decided to put our heads together to put this free stuff on enhanced, pushed to the limit steroids.

Corinne Mushy and Adam Barlam in conversation about our WCC collab.

The dedicated Litecoin Summit and World Crypto Con works will be handed out for free as digital NFT’s. These are a collaboration verified by Codex Protocol to all attendees, who wish to claim them on location. This is a recent article Corinne Mushy wrote about our efforts. Bravocoin, the Yelp on the blockchain, will help you find us physically, as well as make a treasure hunt for some works. Their app will make sure you are not in Chicago or Singapore, downloading them as a use-case, which you can review. Fomo Hunt recently listed some new works of mine and will be there to cross-promote with a whole team of people. Can’t wait to meet many of them, and see what we can achieve together with them. Also, yesterday, I did an extensive interview with the Gokhshtein Magazine in written and video interview form coming out in the October issue. We are also planning to collaborate at WCC. We just locked down that we are doing a performance together with Crypto Finally for WCC, so the energy is ramping up.


Pushback with a slight alteration with:

I’m aware that sometimes these articles are more like glorified blogs. They become like it when I don’t really have the time to write them, but the sheer value to tell what is happening, from a creative point of view, tells how active this space is becoming. The first WCC sponsor mention goes to Coingenious. The company purchased a signed and altered 40×20 print, which helps towards the costs of the show. The alteration of the Pushback piece for them led me to improve upon the original, which is now relaunched on the site. We will do a podcast together on location in Vegas, so looking forward to meeting their crew live as well. Do check out the A.I driven platform!

Crypto Rock & Education in Finland

Aki Ylinen is a grassroots blockchain activist from Tampere, Finland. Aki put together a center for educating poor people about the benefits of blockchain, and has made a full-time transition from a digger operator and being homeless, to educating people about crypto. He managed an extraordinary effort of putting together a joined mini-conference and rock concert to raise awareness in the Manchester of Finland.

He also gave me the privilege of being a part of it by printing some of my works to be present there and experimenting with multiple graffiti works that were put on the chain. As we all know, much of finance is about credibility, image and things not often associated with blue-collar efforts. This makes what he pulled off with this event that much more precious. Not many showed up to the first one, but having now evidence what he is capable of, I’m sure 2.0 will be a smash hit. See the video collage and more info here.

Pre-purchase to support Vegas Blockchain Week

The Invisibility piece for Litecoin Foundation, also to be given out for free as an NFT, can now be pre-purchased online to support my venture to Las Vegas. All print and re-paint buyers will be mentioned in my keynote as a positive force as well as here on News BTC.

The prints will be shipped out after Vegas and only to re-paints remains out of three. All 50 signed 40x20in prints are now available, shipping to buyers early November. I really could still use some help, new sponsors and word of mouth, so please share this with people who potentially could – please RT!

London Bitcoin Cash Meet-up

The CEO of the new @BitcoinCom exchange Danish Chaudhry presenting, and Eric from @Changelly_team with some familiar art on the side at last nights @BCHmeetup.As we all know there are big tensions with BTC and BCH online. While they come across completely understandable, I feel often the bigger picture of crypto gets lost in deliberate non-translation and tribalism. BTC maximalists don’t tend to, for example, see the utility of ETH from an artist point of view. Some of the very needed solutions for the creatives simply can’t be built on top of BTC atm.

This is why the Blood On The Podcast Floor piece is such a blessing. It is us flawed humans building bridges, coming across a little naive perhaps, and attempting to get along. Richard Brady organized this very smooth event, his first, and gave me an opportunity to exhibit and share a few words. I came out of it feeling welcomed and refreshed. In Richard’s words: More building good stuff. Fewer flame wars online.

The function of the piece “I Am Satoshi Nakamoto” is that we are all Satoshi using the tech.

I accept BCH for the works, as did they for the drinks.

Hopefully soon, the BAD piece will have a Roger Ver signature next to the BCH logo it has. I hear he is coming to London…

There just might be a another cool exhibit event just before, but more on that in the next one.

See you in Vegas,

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