FMTV Interview: Marketing in Fintech

Marketing in the financial services industry can represent a wide range of challenges for brokers and individuals.

The industry has become increasingly cutthroat with many competitors offering varying degrees of services and products.

As such, it is difficult to consistently market to a client base that is also demanding more for seemingly less. The industry is constantly changing and with it comes the need to remain fluid and dynamic.

This includes Cyprus, which operates as a nexus for the finance industry. Finance Magnates spoke with Andreas Georgiou, Founder and Director at Convertico Media for his perspective on marketing and the delicate balance needed to both retain and acquire clients.

Shifting Industry

According to Mr. Georgiou, a key factor that has acted as a catalyst in the industry is Brexit, which has led to the exodus of many brokers from the UK to elsewhere in Europe, such as Cyprus.

Consequently, there has been a much higher demand for quality marketing services by brokerages looking to either expand operations or set up shop.

Brokers have consistently been looking to apply for CySEC licenses as well, a must for operating.

This is where Convertico Media comes in, who specializes with marketing services in Europe. Mr. Georgiou himself has roots in the forex industry spanning over a decade.

He started as a marketeer, cutting his teeth at multiple brokerages. Seeing a gap in the market and sensing an opportunity, Mr. Georgiou and his partners ultimately founded Convertico Media.

The impetus for this partnership was the fact that many startup brokers could not adequately find a marketing agency that specialized in the forex industry.

Indeed, while there are many marketing venues in existence, not all speak the language of the industry, which can create obvious issues in both quality and execution.

At its core, Convertico Media caters to startups, with a service offering curated to helping these venues establish and grow operations. This has also come to include fintechs and payment service providers (PSPs), technology and liquidity providers, and others.

This has been the company’s mantra and focus for the past seven years. See what Convertico Media can do for you today by getting in touch.

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