FCA Issues Warning Against Clone Firm Westpac Bank of London

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued an official warning against a clone firm, operating under the name Westpac Bank of London.

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This particular warning states that the imposter firm is mimicking the FCA-regulated company Westpac Banking Corporation.

The FCA has continued its ongoing efforts to alert the public against fraudulent and unauthorized entities. Investors can easily fall victim to entities which use a name that is similar to an authorized and licensed company, in order to fool the potential victim into thinking that the company is under the monitoring and regulatory restrictions of the FCA.

In this case, the clone firm is using the domain www.westpacbnk.com, as well as the following company information:

Address: Ealing House, 37 Hanger Lane, London, United Kingdom, W5 3HJ

Telephone: +447424149336

Email: [email protected]

The FCA is urging the public to refrain from any interactions with the clone firm, in order to avoid placing their funds at risk.

The warning further suggests that the public be careful of the possibility of the clone firm using the details of the licensed company in order to take advantage of investors who do not confirm the origin of contact from the soliciting firm.

Moreover, the UK watchdog advises that investors should always check the Financial Services Register of the FCA prior to engaging in financial services of any kind with this firm as well as any other, since clone firms have become an increasingly common method of luring innocent investors into a scam or fraudulent operation.

There have been numerous occasions in recent months when the FCA has managed to uncover clone firms that have targeted UK clients. For this reason, the above actions should always be taken to confirm the identities of companies that contact prospective clients with investment propositions.

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