EOS Performs Better Than Other Cryptocurrencies

EOS Grows More Than 37% Amongst Other Cryptocurrencies

The initial days of March month were said to be the bad days regarding the performance of cryptocurrencies. But the cryptocurrencies have improved their values in recent days. Among all the cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, EOC raised with higher value. From the next week’s statistics given by CoinMarketCap, it is clear that Ethereum got down with 11%, Bitcoin raised high only up to 4% whereas EOC reached the highest position among all three, that is more than 35% as the investors are betting on more and more user adoption.

According to the HBO’s John Oliver, EOS cryptocurrency at one point of time was involved with some fraud and now it is rising in double-digit numbers. EOS was one of the 10 cryptocurrencies which have shown very good results in terms of rising worth within the short span of 24 hours till this Thursday afternoon. The EOC coin has traded nearly $7.01 that is increased 37.7% from previous value since last Friday.

EOS cryptocurrency is the cryptocurrency for the upcoming platform Eos.ios. The system promises to give more efficient operations for decentralized applications than other platforms such as Ethereum and other existing ones. If EOS.ios becomes successful it would draw more supporters or investors towards it as it would be one of the best cryptocurrencies technology as purported.  In late January this year, there held a joint venture between EOC developer Block.one and Galaxy Digital which was funded with $325 million. And by February the venture invested $30 million in Everipedia, which is alike Wikipedia cryptocurrency.

Everipedia will be distributing Everipedia’s coins to EOS holders using an airdrop method, according to which the existing cryptocurrency owners will get a set amount for buying the coins. This news is considered as the reason behind the rising worth of EOS, according to Tom Lee who is head of research, Fundstrat Global Advisors.  He added that market encourages Airdrop as it is essentially the free money. The second reason for raising the coin value is said to be the high demand of EOS among South Korean crypto traders.

The EOS platform is all set to become live this summer season. How so ever the latest recovery was the third highest with $7 worth after the highest worth of $18.71 as per the CoinMarketCap listings.

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