eHealth First: Using Blockchain Technology to Improve Your Health

The Future of Medicine

There’s no industry quite like the healthcare sector. Everyone—every single person in the world—requires its services at some point in their lives. The healthcare industry regularly saves lives—or at least dramatically improves them—thus qualifying as possibly the most crucial sector of all.

But the medical sphere has its pitfalls. In some parts of the world, access to necessary healthcare services is limited, and even in highly developed countries, unfathomably long queues can prove fatal or inflict irrevocable damage. In some nations, users of healthcare services incur debilitating medical bills, and access to health records is often restricted for both patients and medical professionals alike.

However, a second major sector offers the resources to solve the problems of the healthcare industry—the IT sector. The world’s fastest-growing industry, technology offers hitherto unforeseen innovations that could drastically improve treatment standards in medicine. The number of mobile phone users is growing at an unprecedented rate, meaning that more people than ever before will have access to digital medical services—which could save countless lives.

How Technology Can Help

The number of technologies available is vast, and their applications even more so. Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning can process massive amounts of data that would be impossible for humans, and blockchain technology can improve security, privacy, and efficiency within medical computing. Telemedicine could drastically increase patients’ access to medical professionals, at least for non-urgent health concerns, and expansive databases allow everyday people to educate themselves on health issues to better care for themselves.

Indeed, there already exist on the market some technological solutions to healthcare issues. However, there is much room for improvement, and that’s exactly where eHealth First ( comes in.

eHealth First: the World’s First Decentralized Medical Platform

eHealth First is endeavoring to revolutionize the healthcare industry, facilitating medical record retrieval, optimizing treatments, widening health coverage, and disseminating health information to encourage healthier lifestyles. Comprised of an experienced team of experts in various fields, from medicine and longevity to AI and blockchain technologies, the EHF platform promises to provide groundbreaking new opportunities to the healthcare sector.

Patients: Take Charge of Your Own Health

Whether you’re suffering a long-term disease or would simply like to maintain your good health, you stand to benefit from the EHF platform. Use it to, for example, monitor your health condition, bearing in mind that the platform is, of course, meant to complement the expertise of a medical professional, not replace it—EHF helps let you know when you should seek the assistance of a trained professional.

You can also use the EHF database to obtain a digital second opinion or to locate the best clinics and hospitals in your area. Additionally, since the platform is highly personalized, you can receive relevant advice pertaining to you and your health condition. For a customized experience, you can use the EHF token to purchase services and apps on the platform.

Healthcare Providers: Facilitate Your Job

Referencing patients’ medical records can dramatically ease your job—you can see what conditions they’ve battled in the past and which treatments have worked well and which haven’t. eHealth First makes secure retrieval of such records easy, ensuring that you always have as much information as possible to aid your patient. Furthermore, EHF’s vast database can help keep you up to date on the latest medical recommendations regarding treatments and medications.

You can also use the EHF platform to communicate with patients, requesting information from them, reminding them of appointments or treatment schedules, and conducting on-demand telemedicine consultations. Numerous apps and services, from eHealth First itself as well as project partners, will also be available for purchase with the ETF token, affording you countless other features to aid in your practice. In essence, eHealth First allows you to maximize the benefits you provide to your patients.

Get in on the Digital Medicine Revolution

We don’t have time to list all the possible benefits eHealth First could provide to not only patients and healthcare professionals but also medical researchers and app developers, but the expansive, open nature of the platform allows for infinite possibilities. The marketplace allows users to purchase the apps and services suitable for them and grants developers the opportunity to earn money selling their innovative health products.

All transactions take place on the blockchain using the internal EHF token, making them transparent and secure. And the tokens are multipurpose—in addition to purchasing services and partaking in special health programs, token holders can leverage their tokens to vote on the development of the platform, invest them in anticipation of EHF price growth, or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. Basically, EHF offers users not only medical (and to some, professional) benefits but also financial benefits.

If you’d like to join the revolution, please note that eHealth First’s pre-ICO will be held from April to June 2018, during which 2,000,000 EHF tokens will be available for purchase at the price of 1 EHF for 0.006 USD. A 40% bonus will apply. If you miss the pre-ICO, you can take place in the ICO Round 1, which will take place in July – September 2018, offering 25,000,000 ETF tokens at 0.01 USD per token. Please note that daily price increments of 0.25% apply in both cases.

The People Behind the Project

The eHealth First team is a group of experienced individuals highly esteemed in their fields. Cryptocurrency and software development experts such as Keith Comito, Denis Rysev, Eray Ozkural, Artem Malkov are responsible for the IT side of the project, and health experts such as Dr. Lyle Dennis and Prof. Kalluri Subba Rao endow the project with their expansive knowledge. CEO Nickolay Kryuchkov is experienced in biostatistics, advanced data analysis, public health, and entrepreneurship, allowing him to contribute to various facets of the project. There’s simply not room to list all 21 members of the team from 8 countries and their vast achievements, but the knowledge of these seven people alone could drive countless innovations.


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