Due Diligence Report on RChain Highlights Shady Past of Key Partnership Members

RChain has proven to be a very interesting project in the world of blockchain technology. Unfortunately, it seems the RChain Cooperative aspect of this project is running into some potential issues. One of the team’s members reached out to us to tell his side of the story, which paints a worrisome future for the RChain project itself.

Potential Issues for RChain

When it comes to any company or project involved in the blockchain industry, there are a lot of things which can go wrong. For RChain, it seems the development of its proprietary blockchain technology is going according to plan. That is how it would seem on the surface, anyway, as the report sent to us by one of the RChain Cooperative team members paints a very different picture compared to how most people expect this project to play out.

To put this into perspective, the report sent to us was commissioned by Nathan Windsor, who works for the RChain Cooperative team. He decided to get an independent report created regarding the development of RChain’s blockchain and cryptocurrency venture. By spending some of his own money, he got Aces United LLC to prepare the “due diligence” report in question.

Such a report is a way of validating the efforts made by the RChain team to date. Sadly, it seems this report highlights some big issues with the people running RChain. More specifically, the key members outlined in this document all have some sort of a checkered history. While that is not something most people would generally worry about, there are some valid concerns one needs to take into account, by the look of things.

Although the history of key project members doesn’t necessarily determine the future success of a blockchain project, the Aces United LLC report aims to warn investors. The firm is convinced that investors and stakeholders in this company need to pay more attention to the relationship between RChain Cooperative and Reflective Venture Partners. Moreover, Aces United LLC believes these entities’ strategic partnership is “evidence of a failure on the part of RChain Holdings and RChain Cooperative leadership.”

As one would expect, the report was eventually presented to the RChain team, which immediately led to Nathan Windsor being fired. The exact reasoning behind this harsh decision remains unclear to this day, but Reflective Ventures Partners decided to file a lawsuit against him as well. Whether this was done to smother Windsor’s attempts to make this information public, or because of something else entirely, remains anybody’s guess at this time.

With this report now being made public, it will be interesting to see how RChain’s investors and stakeholders respond to these developments. Reports like these are designed to help people conduct their due diligence, yet all information needs to be taken in stride. It is good to see firms such as Aces United LLC do a lot of the work on behalf of investors in this regard. In the end, everyone is still free to make their own decisions when it comes to RChain and how things are run.

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