DeFiChain Adds 4 New Decentralized Assets For Price Exposure To Disney, Intel, MicroStrategy, And More

The decentralized finance industry continues to grow and evolve. DeFiChain brings exposure to decentralized assets tied to Disney, Intel, and other publicly traded companies to market.

These tokens represent price exposure rather than ownership, an option that can prove rather appealing. 

Decentralized Assets Are Powerful

The concept of decentralized assets is very different from cryptocurrencies or other tokens found in DeFi today.

While these assets may provide price exposure to popular stocks, ETFs, and publicly-traded companies, they do not represent ownership of stocks. Instead, they give speculators and enthusiasts what they desire the most: exposure to price gains without too much hassle or paperwork.

DeFiChain, as the world’s leading blockchain on the Bitcoin network for DeFi purposes, wants to enhance the appeal of decentralized finance applications and services.

Its use of decentralized assets showcases the potential of DeFi by bridging the gap to traditional finance. The recent addition of four new decentralized assets-  also known as dTokens – indicates people actively seek exposure to this form of investment.

The new decentralized assets give DeFiChain users price exposure to Walt Disney Co, MicroStrategy, Intel, and the iShares MSCI China ETF.

The community voted on all assets, confirming users prefer these options over Mastercard, PayPal, Twitter, Uber, etc. Although it has four new decentralized assets, a remarkable outcome provides a more diversified pool of options to explore.

More importantly, these decentralized assets are a crucial evolution for the DeFi industry. Many people want to benefit from price appreciations of traditional assets rather than volatile crypto assets.

Having the ability to explore these options without worrying about stock ownership changes the narrative for many enthusiasts. 

DeFiChain Keeps Pushing The Boundaries

It is interesting to see DeFiChain push the boundaries of innovation in the decentralized finance industry.

The project has made a significant impact on the industry already by providing dToken exposure to the S&P 500, Tesla, GameStop, Nvidia, Amazon, and many other companies. Stocks and ETFs remain very relevant to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

More importantly, these dTokens are another step toward decentralizing people’s perception of finance. Using dTokens removes the need for traditional brokers and other centralized intermediaries.

Instead, users can hand-pick their preferred portfolio and gain access to the price momentum of these stocks and ETFs right away. In addition, there are no commissions to worry about, putting more money into the user’s pocket. 

These dTokens do not represent securities issued by a company or institution. Instead, anyone can generate them on the DeFiChain blockchain.

The assets represent price exposure rather than ownership, voting rights, dividends, or other benefits. Moreover, their price curve is not a 1:1 copy of the market value but one that is based on variable factors and oracles. Additionally, the demand for that particular dToken can also shake things up. 

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