Dakar 2021: Fight for Victory

The 43rd edition of the Dakar Rally has finally begun on January 2 in Saudi Arabia. This time Jan Tománek joined the Aleš Loprais’s team. So, the rally is really exciting, as two trucks are participating in the race.

The famous “Queen” is colored in blue and white and is given a number 520. The Tatra Jamal – Queen 69 truck has undergone a thorough renovation, it can carry more equipment and spare parts.


The Praga V4S DKR remains red and white. Aleš Loprais, Khalid Alkendi and Petr Pokora received the starting number 504. Having a second car is really an advantage, especially in emergency situations. Now the red and white Praga can be even faster.


Despite that the color of the trucks has not changed, the race cars look like new because they have a new design. The crews did not stand aside and also boast a new form.


The legendary marathon consists of 12 stages and the first official stage of the Rally has brought the Instaforex Loprais Praga Team a success that not even the crews expected.  The Praga truck with number 504 ranked among the fastest six trucks, even despite a tire puncture.

The team spent a lot of time and effort to improve both the Praga V4S DKR and the Tatra Jamal – Queen 69 trucks. They are proven and reliable. Guys are optimistic and primed for victory.

Aleš Loprais appreciates that his team is very friendly. The rally is full of surprises, so extra help is a must, as well as a friendly shoulder because it gets very stressful during the race. He also noted that the race is unpredictable, but if something happens, it is great to have one more car that will provide a spare wheel.

Thanks to two trucks, they can take risks where they need to be careful. This will make the race more extreme and exciting, as Aleš Loprais said. Moreover, they can go much faster, even in rocky terrain. Rally in Saudi Arabia is popular for exactly this reason.

The fifth stage of the Dakar Rally 2021 was just as difficult as promised. The route from Riyadh to Al Qaisumah was rough, with rocky terrain and had lots of dunes. But teamwork helps to overcome all difficulties.

History of success

The success story began in 2011 when a contract to create a new InstaForex Loprais Team was signed. This event changed the life of the Loprais family and positively influenced the InstaForex rating. The Loprais family, having found a strong partner, reached a new level, and InstaForex became the title sponsor of world-renowned champions.

The new name immediately brought the team a victory in 2011 when they participated in the Silk Way Rally. Then Loprais’s team bypassed serious competitors. Cooperation of InstaForex together with a talented, ambitious and experienced team immediately make team champions and one of the undisputed leaders of the world rally in the truck class.

In 2014, the team became winners of the Breslau marathon in Poland. They also took part in the merciless race of the Baja Hungaria World Cup in Hungary, which was not an easy test for trucks. Another significant event was the rally “OiLibya оf Morocco 2015”. The five-day African marathon brought the team second place on the pedestal.

Loprais noted that he is glad to cooperate with such partners as InstaForex and Praga. According to him, the partners have made a significant contribution to the implementation of his current project.

COVID-19 is not a hindrance

The test drive was planned in the Arabian Peninsula in the autumn, but the race was canceled taking into account the difficult situation with COVID-19. In early November, the InstaForex Loprais Praga team transported Praga V4S DKR to Poland for final tests. In December, all cars participating in the rally were sent to Saudi Arabia.

This time, rally masters prepared some changes in the rules. Now, at the beginning of the race, each participant was given roadbooks. According to the rally masters, this must increase the intrigue and equalize the chances of the riders.

At the moment, the InstaForex Loprais team is fighting for victory in the Dakar Rally 2021, even despite the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The official start of the rally was on January 2. The participants of the rally faced the 11 km Prologue which determined the starting order. From January 3 to January 15, the crews will have to go through 12 stages with a length of 7,646 kilometers.

Most of the way has already been passed. The teams faced many difficulties, but overcame each stage with dignity.


Forward to the victory

This year it will be 10 years since our company headed by the President of InstaForex Ildar Sharipov started sponsoring the InstaForex Loprais Dakar Rally Team, and since then InstaForex Loprais has been constantly improving its results.

Striving for perfection and unshakable faith in victory these qualities perfectly reflect our principles. We are confident that partnership with Loprais’s Team is the beginning of long-term and effective teamwork.

Sincerely, InstaForex Group of Companies

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates.

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