Crypto Influencers Is a Who’s Who of Crypto Twitter

ICOs seeking public figures to shill their project now have a purpose-built list they can consult. Crypto Influencers grants them an insight into who carries clout in the cryptoverse, along with anyone else curious to learn where the power lies. Decentralized cryptocurrencies as such should have no leader, but there are still figures who exert sway. The top 300 crypto influencers can now be rated and debated side by side.

If Coinmarketcap Did Twitter

Crypto Influencers promises “an algorithmically generated list of crypto’s most influential people on Twitter” and is as good as its word. Despite some notable omissions, it does a reasonable job of ranking major figures on crypto Twitter. It’s an exercise which is bound to provoke debate, especially in regards to who’s placed in the top 10, though there are contentious entries throughout.

There are two categories on the Crypto Influencers website: people and brands. Both can be sorted by name, website, location, followers, following, and bio. There are a few possible use cases for the service. Firstly, Crypto Influencers makes a handy guide for anyone who’s relatively new to cryptocurrency. A journalist seeking a source to quote might want to start here, or an ICO seeking project advisers or media platforms to target. The other reason why Crypto Influencers has appeal comes down to the age-old human curse of curiosity.

Curiosity Killed the Crypto

When the short-lived ethereum game Crypto All Stars launched, the value of each influencer card turned into a matter of personal pride for the traders featured on them. It’s the same with Crypto Influencers. Did you make the top 300, and if not why not? Why’s Tuur Demeester outside the top 10 and zcash developer Zooko inside it? These questions, and many more, can all be pondered while you peruse the site.

Like Forbes’ Crypto Rich List, there’s something crass about sizing up humans based on words they type into a micro-blogging network, but that’s the way the world works. It’s as much a game of spot the absentees on Crypto Influencers as spot the big shots; there’s no John McAfee, for instance, or Bitcoin News, but there is space for an abandoned Twitter account with 900 followers for a project called Streamium.

Explaining the algorithm behind the system, the site states: “Both Justin Bieber (105M followers) and Vitalik Buterin (600k followers) are influencers. There are people who pay attention to them and are ready to act based on what they say. While Bieber has more followers, the people who follow Buterin have significantly more capitals at their disposal. Therefore, Buterin is more influential under this definition.”

No one expected Justin Bieber to make the list, though they may be wondering where’s Cobra is. Or why Chris Burniske is only 58th. Or why Jacob Appelbaum, who’s been AFK for almost a year, is on the list. Crypto Influencers’ algorithm could use some work, but as guilty pleasures go, it’s hard to shake.

What do you think of Crypto Influencers’ algorithm? And who else is missing from the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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