Conectric, Black Buffalo Announce IoT And Blockchain Enabled Global Partnership

Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) startup Conectric Networks is collaborating with artificial intelligence (AI) & IoT Smart Systems firm Black Buffalo to deliver next-gen IoT blockchain fusion technologies.

Based in California, Conectric provides easy to use, real-time wireless mesh technology enabling billions of battery powered sensors, devices, software and AI to communicate autonomously. The company’s technology is found in wireless sensors, routers and an open edge API used by leading data center, smart building and carrier IoT solutions.

Black Buffalo, a member of the Hyundai BS&C family of companies, has two main business lines which focus upon the center between AI solutions and blockchain research & development. The company’s technology caters to solutions for smart cities, homes, factories, offices and buildings. The firm provides the full spectrum of services and systems to assist IoT machine to machine transaction security, safety, functionality and transaction payment processing.

In a press release, the two companies announced an IoT and blockchain enabled global partnership that includes securing massive real-time IoT sensor data with smart contracts in public-private hybrid blockchain software and providing middleware solutions over blockchain to integrate IoT sensor data, operational systems and analytics platforms for defense, telecom, building operators, industrial factories and ESG reporting. The partnership will also see the companies work together to integrate smart city applications using blockchain across municipal boundaries and disparate operational and data management vendors.

“This partnership allows both Conectric and Black Buffalo to provide innovative and immediately practical solutions to enhance the tech stack for IoT devices within all ecosystems,” said Michael Woods, CEO and COO of Black Buffalo. “Hyundai BS&C has made extensive progress globally with these smart solutions, and with the assistance of Conectric, we can now provide this value domestically in the US with scalable and sustainable opportunities.”

Currently, the companies are performing technical integrations and testing. They plan to launch the combined solution before Q4, making it commercially available to global customers.

“This solution will completely change the IoT security paradox by providing a simple and practical solution for keeping business and enterprise IoT data secure,” said Conectric CEO Phillip Kopp. “Additionally, we see a great application for the blockchain as middleware, enabling interoperability between smart city platforms and even cloud providers. This will finally allow different municipal governments to communicate data across a standardized layer and provides citizens with seamless benefits from one block to another. We have multiple pilots planned for 2020 and expect this will be available to channels before next year, finally solving these substantial industry problems.”

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