Coingate Partnerships with Presta Shop – More than 80.000 Merchant Able To Accept Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are expanding all over the world. The next milestone for the crypto community is to reach more and more merchants. Now, European people would be able to spend their cryptocurrencies in 80,000 more locations. Coingate, a crypto payment network, has decided to create a partnership with Paris-based Prestashop, an e-commerce solution for merchants.

Coingate and Prestashop Partnership

The partnership between these enterprises is expected to change the life of many European individuals. With the solution that they are trying to create, over 80,000 European merchants would be able to accept cryptocurrencies at their shops.

Coingate CEO, Dmitrjius Borisenka, commented:

“Encouraging adoption among people beyond the tech-savy eraly-adopters is one of the biggest priorities for us. Prestashop has an ideal base of small to medium stores that may well utilize cryptocurrencies not only as an innovative and increasingly popular payment method, which is much cheaper than traditional card payments, but also the promotional benefits that the Bitcoin tag carries.”

The project would provide a more efficient service by combining two providers of cryptocurrency payment services. One of the main intentions is to reduce the time used to perform payment operations, and both enterprises are working on that.

Borisenka believes that there is an important market of individuals ready to use their virtual currencies. The main problem is that there is an important gap between customers and merchants.

“There is an entire new market of people who own all kinds of cryptocurrencies and are looking for ways to spend them, but the gap between customers and merchants in this sphere is still huge,” said Mr Borisenka. “It is therefore crucial to educate and encourage businesses to adopt a forward-thinking attitude and to overcome the prevailing misconceptions that surround cryptocurrencies”

How Big is Prestashop?

Prestashop has over 1 million members all over the world. To be more specific, it has reached 195 countries and added more than 270,000 stores. At the same time, it is in the top 150 GitHub projects. The Prestashop forum has more than 6,000 active users and there are almost 100 contributes in GitHub.

The company has a team of experts that trains every agency partner on Prestashop. That allows them to build a world-class e-commerce website, reach more buyers and succeed in what they have proposed.

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