Coca Cola and the US State Department Work Together Using Blockchain Technology

Coca Cola, the giant beverage company is working side by side with the US State Department in order to launch a project using blockchain technology. According to Reuters, these two institutions are also working with other three companies and want to create a secure registry of workers worldwide.

Coca Cola Blockchain Technology Project

According to the State Department, this project will be the first major project on the issue that includes a governmental agency and blockchain technology. There is an important effort by governments and other enterprises to promote the use of blockchain in other social areas and not just in the financial sector.

As reported by the International Labour Organization, around 25 million people work in forced-labour conditions worldwide. Most of these cases, almost half, are located in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since these data is a big warning to important enterprises that work in the region, food and beverage companies feel the biggest pressure. A study released by KnowTheChain showed that food and beverage companies are not doing an important effort to solve this problem. And Coca Cola is one of the 10 global companies analysed by KnowTheChain.

Brent Wilton, the company’s head of workplace rights said:

“We are partnering with the pilot of this project to further increase transparency and efficiency of the verification process related to labour policies within our supply chain.”

The State Department has also given its opinion about the matter.

“The Department of State is excited to work on this innovative blockchain based pilot,” commented Depusty Assistant Secretary, Scott Busby.

Blockchain Technology Improves Society

As shown with this project, Blockchain technology has real possibilities to improve the life of millions of individuals all over the world. There are many different projects available right now that, if they succeed, they will be life changing.

For example, important retailers are working with blockchain technology to track form where a product proceeds. This will reduce many deaths from intoxication in many places in the world.

In Africa, many blockchain companies are investing in research and development to face several problems that are present in the African continent.

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