Cardano Fixes A Mistake After Bitfinex Announced ADA’s Listing Following The Shelley Upgrade

It’s been revealed in a recent press release sent to U.Today that the Cardano Foundation just announced that ADA is going to be listed on Bitfinex.

The press release revealed that ADA-based started on August 6. It began with three spot trading pairs: ADA/BTC, ADA/USD and ADA/USDT.

“By opening access to ADA via USD, Bitfinex promises to become one of the easiest platforms on which to buy ADA without having to purchase any other crypto,” the online publication mentioned above noted.

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino also addressed the issue and said that the listing of ADA a major natural step for the company since they have always wanted to offer ADA to their customers.

Cardano fixed a mistake on social media.

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