Canadian bank will launch a depository to protect digital assets

VersaBank Inc, the smallest bank in Canada in terms of assets, responds to the need to protect digital assets, creating a store that will be available in June.

Recently, the bank hired an expert on cybersecurity previously working in Blackberry, the company that manufactured smartphones and for a long time was considered the best in terms of security, because of what they used by high-ranking politicians, bankers and big businessmen.

VersaBank's CEO David Taylor said that VersaBank will not be able to access or know what content is in the vault. Taylor said that the bank will not be able to open the depository, which will ensure its confidentiality.

VersaBank responds to the need for digital security, this attracts attention, especially given the recent history of hacking and stealing of five hundred million US dollars from the Japanese currency exchange Coincheck Inc.

Taylor added that large funds have expressed interest in keeping their assets in VersaBank. At the moment the prices for this service are unknown, however, the general director said that the option will be costly.

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