Can Blockchain Fix America’s Healthcare Problem?

Most people will probably under the assumption that healthcare and blockchain aren’t connected. Of course, this is understandable as blockchain is typically seen as something for the financial space to reap benefit of rather than doctors and nurses. 

But blockchain tech might actually be healthcare’s X factor when it comes to America. 

As of now, some candidates from across the nation are looking to run for the US Presidential position and are preparing to debate ‘Medicare-for-All’. This is a plan that was brought up by Bernie Sander in 2017. According to Forbes, this idea would raise taxes for million already insured under Medicare but would also protect them from future price jumps and give them more options. Because of this, millions of uninsured people would have healthcare but it would be all thank to the government.

It’s worth noting that everyone can afford their own, would have to change to government healthcare. 

On top of this, it’s worth saying that 80 percent insured are actually happy with their plan and don’t want to change it! Plus, these people aren’t happy about paying higher taxes either.

Hospitals and doctors have a lot of ways to manage data which is compatible with others. This can lead to problems for patients, who might struggle to comply with specific policies, this essentially means that the data is useless. Blockchain networks would make all medical data management systems compatible in addition to providing patients with full control over their records.

Data transfers and processes would become automated as well, leading to less overhead and cheaper fees for patients. So there wouldn’t be any more random, useless charges or data misuse and much more control in the hands of the user. When you think about it, you should have the say of what to do with your medical records, surely?

A blockchain-based healthcare offering could offer these benefits and potentially more, with less drawback. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the future and it something that you should definitely keep an eye on.

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