Blockchain Technology Team of Experts is Finally Appointed, Bureaucracy Must Be Reduced

The Minister for Economic Development in Italy, Luigi Di Maio, appointed a team of experts to explain the national scheme and strategy on Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology, which is likely the technology that presently attracts the most media attention, is the technology that enables an individual to certify transactions via the formation of a distributed and changeless digital register, without the requirement for third-party enfranchisement.   

The establishment of this team of experts will lead to success since it is composed of popular scholars of high expertise. They will help the ministry to understand this nascent technology and the advantages that it can contribute to Italy as a country.   

What is more, for the first time in history, politics has shown great interest in blockchain technology and the tech has been highly important, strategic and invasive. It appears completely understandable that the government is interested in this innovative technology as a potent tool open to inflict economic and social changes, with unplumbed backlashes also on public consensus and the possibility of working on it.   

Optimism Among the Public   

The major issue now is to ascertain whether attention to blockchain technology is subservient or real. Put differently, it is essential to understand if the change Italians want is not imaginary or if the citizens are satisfied with the change which is only sensed.   

So, a real change wants that the outcomes from the research done by the team of blockchain experts, matches with the full reaction from the ministry and the Italian government. It’s very clear that the real possibility of adopting forward-looking technologies needs the proper revision of regulatory and organisational aspects, for which it’s important to move over to a wide range of coordinated regulatory and administrative activities.   

Or else, the team of blockchain experts will have only the future narration of what can be done in the separate application settings. An outcome surely of virtue but sans a real coalesce side effect.   

The government is therefore optimistic that the appointment of this team of experts is just the beginning of a massive change though it will require much effort just like any other change. The qualification, skill and experience of the appointed team of experts is an assurance of downright credibility and seriousness.   

As coinidol recently reported, blockchain technology projects in Italy are bringing much confidence and hope of economic boom to nationals.   

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