Blockchain Education Program Announced By Hatch Crypto

Austin-based engineering incubator Hatch Crypto is launching a blockchain education program aimed at helping tech startups get off the ground faster by sourcing them with highly trained blockchain developers.

Founded in 2017, Hatch Crypto’s mission is to find the best and brightest engineers in other fields, train them on the newest technologies, and help place them into the crypto-ecosystem. It has designed a free 3-month training program for current engineers and developers to learn the skills required to be blockchain-ready. Blockchain courses will be taught by experts.

“What makes us different from a traditional engineering bootcamp is our curriculum, and that we aim to lower the barrier to entry by making the program free and additionally paying a stipend so that engineers feel minimal pressure while making a mid-career change,” the company said. “The stipend comes out of the placement fee paid to us by our hiring partners, so literally we are taking money from crypto and feeding it back into the ecosystem.”

The company is planning to roll out its full curriculum this coming summer, and is working with multiple projects to develop specific curriculum aimed towards their platforms.

Hatch CEO and Co-Founder Jake Parks said several large blockchain projects have expressed strong interest in partnering with Hatch.

“Partners will not only be given priority access to new graduates, but can also have specific Hatch curriculum dedicated to their platforms,” said Parks. “This gives developers the choice of becoming an expert in one specific platform or gain exposure to a variety, according to demand.”

Hatch Co-Founder and Head of Business Development Frank Fernandez stated that they are seeing the early signs of a huge migration of capital and talent into blockchain. He said the ICO boom since 2017 saw tens of billions of dollars flow into new cryptocurrency projects and this trend is growing more and more.

“There just isn’t enough developer talent available to support the new ecosystem,” said Fernandez. “This isn’t due to a lack of interest, but more just the reality of a new technology that is still evolving. Hatch will be at the epicenter of solving this problem for the blockchain community.”

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