Ban on Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions by Google

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Mining Extensions from Chrome Store

Google after banning all cryptocurrency ads, now bans the cryptocurrency mining related extensions from Chrome Web-store.

These Google Chrome extensions have proved out to be controversial in the last few months. A number of Chrome extensions are even harming the power of processing of unsuspected people using online cryptocurrency mining from a distinct location without coming to their knowledge. This activity leads to slowing down of the users’ system. One of the popular chrome extensions was purportedly designed to manage postings on Tumblr, later it was found to be a mining the digital currency called Monero from a large number of different devices without seeking permission from the user, a malicious activity which is called as Cryptojacking. Also, there was an Android app which found to be indulged in mining Monero and cryptojacking of thousands of devices.

Google has already banned the malicious apps attempting cryptojacking. Now, it bans all the extensions from Chrome Web-store which are designed for cryptocurrency mining. While the blockchain extensions will work as it is as they are working currently. Google stated the reason for this move that 90% of the developed extensions with the mining scripts to be uploaded on Chrome Webstore by the developer do not follow the complete mining policy. As per the announcement made by Google, no such new extensions will be added and the existing ones will be removed by June month, this year.

The cryptocurrency mining was popularized by The Pirate Bay, a torrent Site which was claimed to be harnessed the Users’ CPU power in an attempt at monetizing the site last year. Later, it was found that some developers developed malicious extensions apps to capitalize, this is how there is no room left for genuine crypto mining extensions.

Not only the genuine users are affected the big names are also the victimized. In a Russian nuclear facility, a cryptocurrency mining software was installed by one of the staff members secretly and the computer used to remain shut for the longer hours for the security purposes but when the scientist attempted to connect it to the internet, it was found to suffer a breach.

This news came just after the announcement of banning ICO Advertisement.



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