BambooDeFi Commences Final Phase of Initial Exchange Listing (IEO) on Three Partner Platforms

BambooDeFi, a decentralized finance protocol aiming to grant users access to additional cryptocurrency revenue streams, has recently commenced the final phase of its Initial Exchange Offering.

The third round of the IEO kicked off on the 17th of January, 2021, and will last until the 30th of January at 13:00 (KST). The BAMBOO token is therefore available for purchase via the ChainX, MXC, and Uniswap cryptocurrency exchanges. Early investors taking part in the IEO will have the chance to purchase the tokens at the lowest price prior to listing on other exchanges. As part of the third funding round, investors keen on purchasing BAMBOO will be able to access a hard cap of 2.5 million tokens at highly-favorable pricing.

As an ERC-20 token, IEO investors will need to utilize MetaMask, WalletConnect, or Trust Wallet to store their tokens. Depending on the exchange that’s being used, early purchasers will have to abide by the policies set forth by each platform. 

Once the IEO round is finalized, the BAMBOO tokens will be listed on a series of other cryptocurrency exchanges, enabling traders to purchase and sell BAMBOO via multiple pairs. Moreover, users have the chance to launch their own pools, thereby earning liquidity rewards. The team will also provide additional trading liquidity, via the BambooVault funds. 

As a decentralized finance protocol, BambooDeFi will facilitate access to lucrative revenue streams. From yield farming to staking, raindrops, coin burns, or liquidity pools, BAMBOO holders will certainly come to appreciate the project’s yields. 

BambooDeFi’s user base will be given voting rights, which can be effectively leveraged to burn coins and vote on a series of project-related proposals. Users that have opted to join the Bamboo Burn Yearly Party gain access to a reward-based lottery that incentivises coin burns. With this in mind, the project has built a mechanism that helps instill a bullish sentiment within the BAMBOO trading market. The price is kept from plummeting via coin burns and ongoing decreases in the emission of new tokens. 

Liquidity providers are rewarded with a relative share of the trading fees associated with every liquidity pool, earning up to 0.3% of all transaction fees. As expected, stakers, voters, yield farmers, and other ecosystem participants will be able to obtain significant returns on their investments as the project grows and expands beyond its current scope. 

Despite being a DeFi protocol, the project is working on creating its very own card. Once released, cardholders will seamlessly exchange their cryptocurrencies into fiat when purchasing products and services. 

BambooDeFi is being built by NexxyoLabs, a company that currently owns and operates AuroraATMs, OuterRing, Experiencia360, but also a series of other tools and bots designed to facilitate profitable cryptocurrency trading. 

The development of BambooDeFi entails a number of strategic partnerships, with business entities providing technological, marketing, legal, and exchanging services. As shown in the roadmap, BambooDeFi is working on partnering up with additional companies to further enhance the value proposition of its ecosystem. 

For more information, access BambooDeFi’s website:

Email: [email protected]

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