ASRock the Motherboard Maker Confirms to Sell GPU Miners

ASRock four GPU versions of the RX570 series are for mining operations only. They will provide users with advanced features such as improved processing and cooling for better performance. The company will also introduce a fifth line specifically for gamers.  

ASRock has confirmed plans to sell GPU miners through its Phantom Gaming Series unveiled last week. This comes after posted a tweet last month announcing the upcoming products.

The Phantom Gaming Series is based on AMD’s RX series and the four card versions of RX570 series are for mining only. There is also a gaming oriented version of the product, the RX570 8G OC.

“ASRock finally expands into the graphics card field,” said Mr. LL Shiu, ASRock Chief Executive Officer. “We are happy and proud to team up with AMD, our strong and reliable partner, and of course we look forward to bringing out more interesting and competitive products in future.”

High performance

ASRock is a leading global motherboard manufacturer. It says the new cards offer a “elegant design, flexibility for power users” and a user-friendly control and outstanding performance. The GPUs come with dual ball-bearing fans, they feature extra-large copper-base aluminum alloy composite heat pipe-equipped heatsink design, and hence achieve higher frame rates.

Additionally, the company said Radeon RX 500 series offers exceptional game performance, high clock speeds, and AMD’s refined 2nd generation “Polaris” architecture.

Corporate vice president and general manager at Radeon Technologies Group Scott Herkelman said,

“The new ASRock Phantom Gaming Series, based on the powerful Radeon RX 500 Series graphics cards. It will provide gamers the best of Radeon features and performance which will include FreeSync, the ultimate technology for smooth and stutter-free gamin. Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition for seamless streaming, sharing and gameplay capture now with mobile device functionality. And Radeon graphics’ highly optimized DirectX 12 and Vulkan performance”.

PCGamer covered the news about the development saying that the RX570 series will run AMD’s Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition. Prior to this announcement, AMD updated the driver to better handle crypto mining activity.

ASRock first released a mining specific motherboard in 2013 and the step signals commitment to capitalizing on demand for GPUs by miners. Recently, AMD and Nvidia announced that their sales were growing in this market. Although both say crypto miners are only a small portion of their customer base.

Bitmain also unraveled a new application-specific integrated circuit (ASCIC) for mining cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Ethash-based coins. The Antminer E3 will start shipping in July and pre-orders were quickly sold out after the announcement.

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