Amazon's Crypto currency: community opinion

The Internet store Amazon previously reported that the company is thinking about the release of Amazon Coin. The comments of the users of the crypto-currency community on the account of this event, basically, turned out to be positive.

In addition, a large company Starbucks announced plans to implement Blockchain technology in the user application, also hinting at the possibility of creating its own currency for this application.

Interviewing users about the Amazon crypto currency

More than half of the 1000 respondents who surveyed last month indicated that they will use the online store's crypto currency.

In general, the survey consisted of 17 questions about the possible further development of the company outside retail trade, such as participation in pharmaceutical projects, lending, life insurance and much more.

In response to a question about whether these Amazon respondents will trust more money than traditional banks, about 61% said they trust the company as much or even more than banks.

While Amazon has not yet announced any specific plans to create its own digital currency, the company dared to use Blockchain technology, which is the basis of most digital currencies. In December last year, Amazon Web Services (AWS) signed a contract with R3 to use the Corda platform based on Blockchain.

In addition, it is worth noting that Starbucks also tries to follow the current trends. Previously reported, that the executive director of the firm Howard Schultz said in an interview that he sees prospects in using Blockchain technology.

Schulz claimed that he was not a fan of Bitcoin. He added that the company is testing a non-cash Starbucks store.

It is possible that the management will decide to create its own digital currency, which will be used in their integrated application.

Author: Olga Novikova, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News
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