Хакеры добрались до Tesla

Crypto-lakers forced Tesla's resources to mine on Amazon.

According to the security researchers of the RedLock group, hackers infiltrated the cloud Tesla on Amazon and used resources to extract crypto currency.

A malicious application was discovered by specialists when they tried to determine which organization left the data for an Amazon Web Services account that was publicly available. The owner of the account was Tesla.

It turned out that "we were not the first to reach it," said Varun Badkhvar, CEO and co-founder of RedLock. "Obviously, someone else has launched applications that have already cleared crypto-currencies in this Tesla environment."

Badhwar said that this attack is similar to the series crypto-attack attacks, which are distributed on the Internet recently.

Researchers at RedLocks say they found Tesla's credentials on an IT administrative console that did not have password protection, writes Fortune.

The representative of Tesla in the commentary explained that "there are no signs" of breach of customer privacy or other consequences of security breaches.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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