Twitter share price nosedives: Social media firm’s stock down 6 percent in brutal blow

Twitter reacts to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp outages

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As of 7.55pm, the company’s share price had fallen by 6.05 percent. This took its value to $58.24 and has been steadily falling since the start of trading. At the start of trading today, Twitter’s price stood at $61.17. 

The company hit a low of $57.64 at 1.55pm (EST time) time. 

Only in the last few hours has its share price begun to increase following its shock drop. 

Indeed, the social media giant’s share price began its plummet on October 1. 

On October 1, it was valued at $61.98 before dropping to $58.26 on October 4. 

It is unclear what is causing the drastic drop in its share price but last month, Twitter’s stock surged to $67.22. 

This was followed by a rapid drop to $60.07 on September 29 prior to the most recent reduction. 

Away from its share price, Twitter managed to avoid a large-scale outage across social media on Monday afternoon. 

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram all reported issues leaving hundreds of millions unable to use its services. 

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