This Tesla fleet upgrading looks like an alien message

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Tesla is one of the most technologically advanced companies, and its cars are a very good example of the work that the company is able to do, as they are a very good balance between power, performance, and software, which makes them very interesting vehicles. And their price is commensurate with the interest they arouse.

Now, someone has captured this video of a fleet of Tesla cars updating their software, and it looks like nothing less than some sort of coordinated alien signal being made from all the cars at once. Kind of like the typical lights you see in sci-fi movies on spaceships. And it is curious, to say the least.

Tesla updates its cars through 4G LTE connectivity, without the need to connect them to the network, which means that they can be updated from anywhere in a convenient and simple way as if it were an update for the cell phone since it is enough to start the process and forget about it until the car is updated. During this process, the car’s lights can be turned on, which is precisely what happens in the video.

Tesla is one of the companies that updates its vehicles through an OTA (On The Air ) update, making the process much easier for the end-user, who can update it just as easily as if it were a computer or a cell phone. And this can be so thanks to the fact that Elon Musk’s company is in charge of maintenance, while other brands delegate this task to dealers.

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