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According to Pew Research, about 30% of American adults say they are single. By Pew’s definition, this means people who are not married, living with a partner, or in a “committed romantic relationship.” The age break-out of the group has the highest level at 41% for people ages 18 to 29 years followed by those 65 years or older, for which the figure is 36%.

Apparently, there are better and worse places to live for those who are single when taken across several yardsticks. This, at least, is the opinion of researchers from Apartment List, which has just issued its “Best Cities for Singles 2021.”

The data used to create the ranking came from women’s dating app Bumble. Data collected included satisfaction with local dating opportunities, the percentage of singles in each city, date affordability, and a measure of satisfaction with social life.

“Best Cities for Singles 2021” rated 100 cities. The best score possible was `100. One observation from the authors of the study is that best-dating cities are most likely to be found on the East Coast than the West Coast. Of the 10 cities, 6 were in the East. However, such a small sample, with a score of only 6 out of 10 seems to be a poor way to make a conclusion.

Second, college cities were better than those with few higher education institutions. The authors admitted: “This could be skewed by the singles population of young college students or influenced by college grads staying nearby after graduating.”

The city with the highest score was Washington at 90.53. The authors pointed out:

Almost half the city being single, DC scores high on our dating satisfaction and affordability indexes. The average cost of a quintessential date night of a movie and dinner costs $105, which isn’t too bad considering the median earnings here are $80,445.

Finishing second, college-heavy Boston has a rating of 89.15. It, in turn, was followed by Atlanta at 81.84, and Minneapolis at 85.1. No other cities received grades over 70.

At the bottom of the list, San Bernadino had a score of 19.21. Several California cities were near the bottom of the list.

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