Cleveland Browns’ Damarious Randall says he received death threats after hit on Diontae Johnson

In the fallout of the Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers melee a week ago Thursday, Damarious Randall's ejection for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Diontae Johnson became somewhat of an afterthought. 

Some fans took extreme action online, however, to voice their displeasure with the Browns safety. Randall told Wednesday that he received death threats and other derogatory comments online.

On the play, Randall delivered a late helmet-to-helmet hit, and Johnson suffered a concussion and was bleeding from his ear. 

"I get so many death threats, so many people calling me names, people saying, ‘Oh, I hope you get hurt, I’m going to kill you, this and that,'" he told "And it’s OK for fans to do it to us but then when we say something back, it’s a problem, we get in trouble. I just never understood that."

Randall said the hit was unintentional and that he apologized to Johnson on Instagram. 

"I was just saying some prayers about it and that actually bothered me a little bit that he was laying there like that, because it just shows how dangerous this game is and how dangerous this game can be," he told "Really, I just never intend to hurt anyone.’"

The Arizona State product also noted the double standard athletes face on social media, referencing former teammate Jermaine Whitehead, who was cut by the Browns after he threatened violence on social media. (Whitehead later apologized.)

"It's just funny to me how they blurt out and just say crazy, off the wall stuff, but just like the situation with one of my former teammates," Randall told "He lost his job behind something like that, but it's OK for them to openly say stuff like that. I find that so crazy to me.’"

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