Celine Dion Owes Commissions To ICM Partners Over Mega Concert Deal, California Labor Official Rules

The California Labor Commission has concluded that Celine Dion has to pay commissions to ICM Partners and partner Rob Prinz, ruling that she still owed for a lucrative contract with AEG because the deal was negotiated by her former agency.

The abundance of extrinsic evidence present here supports the Labor Commissioner’s conclusion that a valid talent agent contract was formed between the parties,” CLC concluded.

The dispute centers on a concerts deal valued at nearly $500 million that was reached in 2017. ICM Partners sued Dion for unpaid commissions in 2019.

The ruling, signed by Labor Commissioner Lilia Garcia-Brower, states that Prinz, her longtime agent, “was the only licensed talent agent on the deal, and ICM was identified as Dion’s agent in the Omnibus Agreement itself. In general terms, the Omnibus Agreement provides that in exchange for payments of at least $489,850,000, Dion agreed to perform in Las Vegas and on global tours from 2017 to 2026, and to give AEG the exclusive right to promote her shows.

“Although the Omnibus Agreement is valued at a staggering half a billion dollars,” the ruling adds,the Labor Commissioner has dealt with similar matters, albeit not in this monetary range. In similar fact patterns, we have consistently applied the rule stating,[a] talent agency is generally entitled to receive post termination commissions for all employment secured by the agency prior to its termination.

An attorney for Dion and her manager at CDA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The ruling states that ICM Partners is due 1.5% of the gross compensation earned or received from all Las Vegas residency performances, 3% of all touring performances and 1.5% from performances in her home province of Quebec. It also includes interest calculated at 10% per annum. The commissioner ruled that Prinz was not entitled to collect commissions on Dion’s $5 million sign-on bonus, however.

Patricia Glaser, litigation counsel for ICM Partners, said in a statement: “We are very pleased that the Labor Commissioner listened to the testimony of numerous witnesses over several days and reviewed a significant number of documents before issuing a very thoughtful 32 page opinion which unequivocally confirmed ICM’s and Rob Prinz’s right to commission an extremely lucrative deal which they were instrumental in negotiating and procuring.”

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