American COVID-19 Deaths Would Wipe Out Fargo, ND

Over 255,000 Americans have died of COVID-19 this year. That is approximately the size of Fargo, ND, the 193rd largest city in the United States, which is a staggering comparison. Coincidentally, North Dakota is currently one of America’s hardest-hit states based on confirmed cases per 100,000 people, at 2.0.

The Fargo metropolitan statistical area includes several small towns near Fargo, and others just across the state border into Minnesota. The other cities in the MSA are Moorhead, MN, West Fargo, ND, and Dilworth, MN. The MSA is among the fastest-growing in America. The population has more than doubled since 1970.

The demographics of the Fargo MSA look almost nothing like those of the overall United States. Over 93% of the population is White. The largest group by ancestry is German at 43% and Norwegian at 36%.

The number of lives that continue to be taken in America means that the comparison to city populations will eventually include places much larger than Fargo. Experts believe that total COVID-19 deaths in America could reach 400,000 by mid-March. That is about the size of the Peoria IL MSA.

Yesterday, America added 156,292 confirmed cases which took the total to 12,172,488. Deaths rose 1,362 to 259,476.

Among the states, the one with the most confirmed cases in Texas at 1,164,130. Deaths in Texas stand at 21,004. California ranks second in confirmed cases at 1,109,844. The fatal case count is 18,709. Florida is third at 931,827 confirmed cases. The fatal case count is 18,152. Illinois ranks next at 647,474 confirmed cases and fatal ones of 11,967.

New York ranks next in confirmed cases at 595,581. It holds the lead in fatal cases at 33,737. The disease burned through the state, and particularly New York City in late March through April. Most of the deaths happened during that period.

Among nations, India ranks second to the U.S. with 9,097,507 confirmed cases and 133,282. Medical experts in the nation believe that number is much too low. The spread of the disease is hard to measure because of India’s huge densely populated cities and its far-flung urban areas.

The U.S. numbers will remain ahead of all the other nations. The figures are already too high for another country to match it, and they are growing too fast.

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