‘All American’ Edges ‘Outer Banks’ To Top All-Netflix Nielsen Streaming Chart

All American, the football-themed teen drama whose third season just wrapped on the CW, barely edged Netflix original Outer Banks atop Nielsen’s weekly U.S. streaming chart.

The winning show racked up 1.433 billion viewing minutes for the week of July 26 to August 1, nipping mystery teen drama Outer Banks, which had 1.423 billion. Nielsen measures streaming via a TV screen of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+ programming, meaning mobile viewing is not counted. The numbers are reported after a nearly month-long lag, by arrangement with streaming providers.

In a throwback to simpler times, Netflix occupied all 10 spots on this weekly chart, with two-time returning champ Virgin River falling to third place with 782 million minutes of viewing. Despite Netflix’s dominance, Virgin River and Outer Banks were the only originals in the top 10. All other shows are acquired fare, including newly charting titles like the CW’s The Flash and AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Current episodes of The Walking Dead stream on AMC+ a week ahead of their linear premieres, but that outlet is new enough that a deal had already been in place with Netflix for past seasons.

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The Flash, like All American, streams in season on the CW’s free, ad-supported service. In 2019, CW constituents Warner Bros. TV and CBS reached the end of their $1 billion overall output deal with Netflix. HBO Max launched in May 2020 and has gained access to an increasing number of first-window CW titles. WarnerMedia, parent of HBO Max, has shown increasing interest in clawing back rights to major properties produced by Warner Bros that used to stream elsewhere, such as Friends. Still, some CW titles remain in deals with Netflix.

Here is the full top 10:

All American — 51 episodes, 1.433 billion minutes of viewing

Outer Banks — 20 eps., 1,423B min.

Virgin River — 30 eps., 782M min.

Cocomelon — 12 eps., 718M min.

Grey’s Anatomy — 376 eps., 666M min.

Manifest — 29 eps., 640M min.

Criminal Minds — 316 eps., 619M min.

The Walking Dead — 153 eps., 554M min.

The Flash — 151 eps., 519M min.

NCIS — 353 eps., 508M min.

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