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In a blog post published on December 10, 2019, tech firm Blue Bite stated that it will be tapping VeChain’s (VET) supply chain-focused blockchain solutions to enable end-to-end transparency and security for fine art certificates.

Using Blockchain to Secure Fine Art

Singapore-based distributed ledger technology (DLT) organization VeChain has cemented itself as one of the leading blockchain solutions providers in the supply chain space. The DLT initiative has forged multiple business partnerships with industry heavyweights such as Walmart China, BMW, Haier, BYD Auto, and many others.

Now, in an attempt to extend the use-case of blockchain technology into relatively unexplored spaces, VeChain has partnered with U.S.-based tech firm Blue Bite and The Fine Art Ledger to leverage DLT to ensure the authenticity of fine art certificates for artists, collectors, galleries, and art fairs via NFC chips installed directly on the artwork frame.

Mikhail Damiani, CEO & Co-Founder of Blue Bite commented on the newly forged alliance with VeChain saying:

We’ve always had a singular focus on delivering the most engaging consumer experiences through our platform, but we know that such a big task is impossible to accomplish alone. We’ve strategically created a robust open framework that enables us to integrate with industry leaders like Vechain, allowing us to focus on what we do best while offering our customers a complete end-to-end solution.

Giving the Power Back to Artists

For the uninitiated, The Fine Art Ledger is a blockchain-powered platform that allows artists to digitally register physical or digital works of fine art onto a secured blockchain network. Through this, the DLT platform makes it easier for people to engage with artists in that it enables them to know more about the artwork and the artist simply just with a mobile phone tap of the artwork frame or label.

Sam Miller, the founder of The Fine Art Ledger, said:

Not only does The Fine Art Ledger provide easy-to-use security, information, title and cataloging tools for the art owner, it also provides remarkable opportunities to access and learn about fine art. Thanks to Blue Bite, we are able to deliver customized and rich interactive art experiences directly to people’s phones to really engage and immerse them in art, which can only be an incredible boost for art lovers everywhere.

In November 2019, BTCManager reported how VeChain had partnered with DNV GL and ASI Group to launch Foodgates, a cross-continental trade and logistics solution powered by VeChain Thor.

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