SIDUS HEROES – What is it and Where is it Going?

Decentralized games were the talk of the town among gaming enthusiasts and investors in 2021. NFT games generated over USD 2.32 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2021 alone!

Two factors have been responsible for this phenomenon: the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model and the right to own and trade in-game collectibles as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They have been the catalysts for the popularity of crypto gaming and have indeed catapulted the crypto gaming sector to new heights.

Although contemporary NFT games deliver a host of benefits to end-users, they are far behind their traditional game counterparts in terms of gameplay interaction and quality of content. 

In this sense, the blockchain gaming project SIDUS HEROES aims to challenge the status quo by combining the best of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 blockchain gaming. Nevertheless, the bigger question is, “Will they live up to the hype?”

Bird’s Eye View of SIDUS HEROES

SIDUS HEROES is the first-ever WebGL, AAA-level, P2E, NFT, and MMORPG game to be launched. It is set in a space metaverse featuring NFT Heroes from various blockchain-based races.

Heroes can participate in PvE and PvP gaming modes with a high level of immersion across a variety of gaming scenarios, including interstellar exploration, conflicts, and settlements, as well as political, social, and economic growth.

The gaming universe is home to 12 races and every Heroes’ character, features, and outlook is derived from the race they belong to. 

The game is a vast metaverse of multiple planetary systems that are native to different races, some of which are yet to be discovered and colonized and its main hub is the independent city of SIDUS. Every year for the next 7 years, the project will hold auctions for land plots on different planets that can be purchased using SENATE tokens — the project’s governance token.

The project’s key feature is that it incorporates the best elements from traditional gaming and blockchain gaming. 

For instance, most blockchain games, for the time being, lack high-quality immersive graphics and well-thought-out gaming scenarios that traditional games like GTA and Call of Duty offer. SIDUS HEROES runs on the gaming graphics engine Babylon.js, GLSL (Graphics Library Shader Language) and sideFX Houdini. Together, these technologies promise HD rendering quality and interactive virtual graphics that are compatible across devices and offer a greater degree of player morphing and customization.

Moreover, blockchain gaming is presently suffering from a host of issues that fail to satisfy gamers who are accustomed to the high-quality gaming experience of traditional games. These include large barriers to entry for players, like network congestion, gas wars and cannot be accessed from all devices. 

SIDUS HEROES may be the breakthrough newcomer as it offers players access to blockchain gaming from just about any device. Simply entering the game’s URL into a browser’s address bar, without having to download any heavy applications, will take you straight to the game. 

Furthermore, blockchain gaming, in its rudimentary form, fails to offer interaction and coordination between fellow players. This not only impedes the community experience but it also increases the possibility of players abandoning the game. The project’s gameplay has been designed to provide players with avenues that lead to players joining forces on missions and entering the Battle Arena.

The Team, Collabs & Partners 

The team behind SIDUS HEROES is one of the key selling points of the project. For instance, one of its co-founders is involved in many other reputable projects in the crypto space, such as NFT Stars and SpaceSwap. 

The team also consists of highly skilled blockchain developers with extensive experience in designing DeFi and NFT technologies, besides being backed by a group of experts. It’s coins are even listed on BINANCE, OKEX, KUCOIN, HUOBI, MEXC, BYBIT, and UNISWAP, among other exchanges. 

SIDUS has also partnered with global leaders in digital entertainment and GameFi, such as Animoca Brands, to accelerate the development of the project. It has also raised over 20,000,000 USD from top crypto investment funds.

Project Outlook – What to Expect and Where it’s Headed

SIDUS HEROES has laid out an extensive roadmap for the development and launch of the project. It is said to be launching SIDUS ACADEMY presale and public sale on January 6 and 12 respectively, which will be followed by the public beta launch on January 23, 2022. 

The project’s SIDUS NFT HEROES consists of 6,000 unique NFT works of art that depict 6,000 Heroes, categorized into different levels of rarity: Original, Rare and Legendary. Any Original Hero can become one of the Rare or even Legendary Heroes through the use of Upgrade cards. This holds exciting potential as the rarity level and thus the value of an NFT Hero can be significantly boosted with each upgrade! 

The Original NFT collectibles can increase the earning potential of players as they promise discount entitlements. Players and other crypto enthusiasts can also partake in the staking of in-game tokens to earn extra profits. 

All in all, the roadmap for this project looks promising, with ambitious deadlines and the intent to roll out new features, one after the other.

Being the first to undertake the challenge of building a massive and elaborate MMORPG game on a blockchain platform, SIDUS HEROES’ skilled team might just be able to achieve the grand feat of becoming the first example of next-generation blockchain gaming.

Will the force be with SIDUS? Time will tell.

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