Metaverse Avenue: The World’s First NFT-Based Advertising Metaverse Announces Presale

Metaverse Avenue has released the details of its token presale scheduled to go live on January 26, 2022. Metaverse Avenue is aiming to create the world’s first-ever advertising metaverse powered by non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Whitelisted participants will enjoy a 50 percent discount and important details on how to get whitelisted can be found on the project’s Discord and Twitter channels.

Metaverse Avenue Giving a New Meaning to Advertising

At a time when exports have described the metaverse as the next internet revolution, with large firms in the real-world such as Facebook, Samsung, and others rushing to put themselves at the frontline of the metaverse movement, Metaverse Avenue is aiming to create a first-of-its-kind metaverse ecosystem.

Per a press release shared with BTCManager, Metaverse Avenue is the world’s first NFT-based advertising metaverse that allows members to purchase and sell advertising spaces in the form of NFTs. Metaverse Avenue comes with interactive billboards of various sizes. These billboards allow their owners to display their products and services in an engaging manner.

One interesting aspect of the Metaverse Avenue project is that it creates a passive income stream for members of its community, as they can rent out their billboards to others for a fee set by them.

Specifically, each billboard in the Metaverse Avenue ecosystem is made up of a specific number of blocks. A block is simply an area on a billboard that holds the advertiser’s images and links. – the more the blocks, the bigger the size of the billboard. One NFT equals one block. 

The Metaverse Avenue token presale is scheduled to go live on January 26, for whitelisted participants. and January 27 has been chosen as the mint date for the purchased NPT tokens. During the NPT token minting, the position and size of each block will be mapped out and randomly distributed to token holders. In essence, anyone can be lucky enough to own a piece of the ‘Moon,’ the largest billboard in the Metaverse Avenue ecosystem. 

Token Presale Information

 Interested participants can get valuable information on how to join the whitelist for the presale via the project’s Discord platform, as there is a limited number of spaces available. The NPT token public sale event will kick off on January 27.

The team plans to mint a total of 10,000 NPT tokens, with 1 NPT representing 1 block of each billboard in the metaverse. The price of each token will be set at 0.99 SOL  during the pre-sale and 1.99 SOL during the public sale. Since the token sale is powered by Solana, participants are required to have a Solana-supported wallet like Phantom, Soulflare, Solar, TrustWallet, or any other one.

After the token sale, participants will each receive an NFT token that represents the size and location of the block that was randomly distributed to them during the minting. And the team has made it clear that these token holders will be able to upload an image and a link to their brands immediately after receiving the token.

“The value of the dropped NFT depends on the size and location of the block that fell to participants, as well as on other measures that will be presented in our Discord and Twitter channels,” wrote the team, adding:

“After we have minted all 10,000 NFTs, we will conduct a listing on the,, magic, and other Solana-supported marketplaces. You set the price of renting one block of your billboard yourself. A special section will be created on our website where advertisers will place their requests for renting blocks on Avenue Metaverse.”

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