METACO, Unbound Tech Partner To Offer Market-First Solution In Digital Asset Management

Blockchain and cryptocurrency specialist METACO has teamed with cryptographic key management and protection firm Unbound Tech to offer a market-first solution in digital asset management.

Established in 2015, METACO has developed specialist, high-grade cryptographic solutions that can be fully integrated into a bank’s core processes. The firm also offers SILO, an integrated hot-to-cold wallet management solution for financial institutions. SILO enables large financial institutions to securely integrate cryptocurrencies, tokens, and distributed ledger use-cases into their core infrastructure. Its unique framework for digital asset custody, transaction management, trading, and tokenization has made it the leading choice for banks and exchanges.

Founded in 2014, Unbound Tech equips companies with a software solution that protects secrets such as cryptographic keys, credentials or other private data by ensuring they never exist anywhere in complete form. The firm’s Unbound Distributed Trust Platform is using secure multiparty computation to ensure secrets are always split into multiple shares and thereby eliminate any single point of compromise.

The partnership will incorporate an expansion in SILO to offer firms unparalleled flexibility in deploying either Hardware Security Module (HSM) or virtual HSM secured with Multi-Party Computation (MPC) for key management of their digital asset management solution. This expansion offers firms an unprecedented degree of flexibility in choosing the best-fit custody solution for their use-case, and enables clients to tailor security deployments to best fit their needs, as well as configure deployments according to the life-cycle of their use-case.

“Currently, there is a debate in the market whether MPC or HSM based key management solutions offer greater adaptability for the management of digital assets,” said Adrien Treccani, CEO and Founder of METACO. “We are proud to partner with Unbound Tech to solve this dilemma and offer firms a pre-eminent solution incorporating both technologies. At METACO, we are constantly striving to innovate, expand and improve upon our service offerings, and this addition offers next-level flexibility for firms entering the digital asset ecosystem.”

Rocco Donnino, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Unbound Tech, said that their partnership with METACO is forged on a combined steadfast commitment to revolutionizing digital asset management and security through their use of multi-party computation.

“Financial institutions require the ability to leverage existing infrastructure while adopting solutions that are proven, trusted and built for growth and impact – that’s what we deliver with this partnership,” said Donnino.

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