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Netherlands-based human resources firm Randstad has commenced testing a combination of the Cypherium blockchain network and Google Cloud to better match talent to corporate needs, reports Coindesk, February 27, 2020.

Blockchain to Better Match Talent

In a bid to leverage distributed ledger technology (DLT) for recruitment purposes, Dutch human resources firm Randstad has begun testing blockchain-enabled solutions for the same.

In a recent blog post, Randstad stated that it believes DLT can offer multiple ways to automate bureaucratic tasks associated with workforce recruitment. The firm stated that technology can fix the “nuts and bolts” of the daily recruitment process.

The report by Coindesk reads in part:

A recent study conducted by Randstad found that distributed ledger technology (DLT) provided a means to securely preserve customers’ personal data while enabling the verification of academic and professional qualifications, as well as birth dates, addresses and IDs, of prospective talent.

Specifically, the initiative looks to leverage DLT to match appropriate candidates with firms seeking immediate fulfillment of roles such as healthcare services requiring emergency staff after a disease outbreak, for example, coronavirus in recent times.

Commenting on the development, Cypherium CEO, Sky Guo, said:

If a job candidate wants to prove that he has the grades and diploma, what they need to do is provide the hash of the diploma and the employer can verify that hash with the hash of the university.

Cypherium and Google Cloud to Boost Platform Operations

For the uninitiated, Cypherium is a DLT-powered infrastructure platform that utilizes smart contracts for seamless business process operations. Cypherium’s smart contracts are based on a hybrid concept which amalgamates proof-of-work and HotStuff – a relatively new blockchain protocol that has been adopted by various high-profile blockchain projects, including Facebook’s Libra.

Further, the partnership with Google Cloud’s G Suite will enable Randstad to develop its human resource platform without having to maintain and manage its own cloud system.

Frank van der Bijl, Global collaboration manager, Randstad, said:

Google Cloud and G Suite already free us from some manual verification tasks, and we plan to use Cypherium’s blockchain to hand off even more.

In related news, BTCManager reported on January 29, 2020, how a consortium of 11 highly-reputed human resource firms had launched a DLT-enabled credentials platform.

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