CoinMetro’s Token Sale Raises Over $4M within 12 Hours of Going Live

The CoinMetro project raised over $4 million within 12 hours of launching their token sale for XCM that began on the 21st of February. This makes it one of the most impressive debuts for a token generation event to date. CoinMetro now has the opportunity to enact their vision due to the financial backing the project has recently undergone.

This is not the first taste of success within token sales, CoinMetro already underwent a pre-sale which allowed for $10 Million to be raised. The project has entered a new stage of pricing and bonus offerings which are given below:

  • 100M XCM Sold – 8% TBPR 1 + lifetime CM discount 2 +0.01 price increase;
  • 150M XCM Sold – 11% TBPR 1 + 0.01 price increase;
  • 200M XCM Sold – 14% TBPR 1 + lifetime pre-pre-token sale invites +0.01 price increase;
  • 250M XCM Sold – 17% TBPR 1 + lifetime FXPIG discount 3 +0.01 price increase;
  • 300M XCM Sold – 20% TBPR 1;

“TBPR” stands for “Token Buyback Program Reserve” – Further details available in the whitepaper here.

Where are the Funds Going?

CoinMetro aims to allocate the funds generated during the token sale events to various areas of the project which goes as follows:

  • 40% Platform Development, HR;
  • 30% Marketing;
  • 20% War chest; possible buyouts, takeovers, acquisitions, etc;
  • 10% Legal, Compliance, Regulatory

The total XCM distribution which has a cap of 500 Million is split to keep the ecosystem and value of XCM tokens prosperous:

  • 50% through Token Sale;
  • 20% Liquidity;
  • 10% CoinMetro Team & Shareholders*;
  • 7.5% Community Rewards;
  • 2.5% Advisor Compensation;
  • 10% Public Pre-Sale.

What’s so Special About this Project?

The CoinMetro project contains some of the most accessible and intricate features available on any cryptocurrency platform. It has been designed to fit the need of users, traders and investors with traditional financial solutions.

One of the platform’s most interesting features is its peer-to-peer crypto exchange through a time-locked smart contracts called ‘Atomic Swapping’ – which removes third party fees and control from two-way trades. CoinMetro also allows investors to earn a passive income through lending which is a feature no one wants to miss out on.

CoinMetro has managed to capture the attention of many investors as seen with their current success. There is a serious level of support backing this project which highlights the potential that many see in it.

The CoinMetro token sale is still currently live and will continue to run until the 31st of March 2018. There are still millions and millions of tokens that need an investor, be sure to invest now with a price of $0.15 before the unsold tokens are discarded to preserve the price of the XCM.

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