CHO Using IBM Food Trust Blockchain To Track Terra Delyssa Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tunisian olive oil producer CHO has teamed with tech giant IBM to use blockchain to create a provenance record that traces its Terra Delyssa extra virgin olive oil from retailer back to the tree.

CHO is one of the largest producers of olive oil in the southern Mediterranean. Terra Delyssa is a brand of CHO, where it is sold all over the world, including the US, Canada, France, Germany and Russia. Terra Delyssa extra virgin olive oil is grown in CHO’s pesticide-free orchards with 320 days of sun, is first cold pressed under the highest standards for quality and is made entirely from a single source.

In a press release, CHO announced that it is using IBM Blockchain to provide traceability for Terra Delyssa across eight quality assurance checkpoints, including the orchard where the olives were grown, the mill where olives were crushed, and the facilities where the oil was filtered, bottled, distributed, and more.

“Starting with its most recent harvest now being bottled, customers of Terra Delyssa retailers around the world will be able to scan a QR-code on each label, allowing them to view a provenance record,” CHO said. “By detailing each step of the product’s journey, consumers can gain peace of mind about the origins of their olive oil and richer insight into its journey and quality checkpoints, and even view images of the fields where the olives were grown.”

According to CHO, the company has already begun using the IBM Food Trust, a permissioned blockchain network that provides a more efficient way of working across the food supply chain, to manage and record traceability efforts for its extra virgin line. Since harvest began in November 2019, data about Terra Delyssa lots is already being uploaded to the distributed ledger, and Terra Delyssa’s fully traceable extra virgin olive oil is currently being bottled and expected to reach store shelves at major retailers in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark and Japan by March.

“Our families have been olive farmers and olive oil millers for generations. We created Terra Delyssa with a unique, smooth flavor profile to be the ambassador of Tunisian olive oil,” said Wajih Rekik, CEO of CHO America. “With Food Trust, we believe we are among the first olive oil producers to use blockchain to provide our consumers a window into each step that goes into making our olive oil so exceptional.”

Raj Rao, General Manager of IBM Food Trust, said that the CHO partnership is yet another example of Food Trust’s commitment to strengthening the food system from farm to table.

“In terms of food provenance, olive oil presents a difficult challenge, as the product must work its way from an olive grove to an international base of retailers while retaining its purity and freshness,” Rao said. “Thanks to Food Trust, information about the origin and purity of the product can be made available in near real time for both consumers and CHO’s distribution partners.”

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