Cere Network, Harmony Partner To Secure The World’s First Blockchain CRM Solution

Blockchain CRM ecosystem platform Cere Network has teamed blockchain startup Harmony to secure personally identifiable information (PII) and connect a fragmented data economy by co-innovating with Harmony and its zero-knowledge proving (ZKP) system.

Founded by Silicon Valley veterans, Cere Network claims to be the first blockchain CRM ecosystem platform optimized for service data integration and collaboration. The Cere Blockchain solution claims to capture the entire customer journey on the blockchain and stores key user data such as purchases, achievements, and usage in the user’s wallet.

Harmony is a pioneer Proof of Stake Blockchain with strong positioning along the Decentralized Finance, Game Collectibles, privacy by design, and decentralized data industries. Harmony is applying zero-knowledge proofs for data sharing while preserving the consumer’s privacy. Common industry use cases include ad exchanges, credit ratings and many other data consortia that would otherwise take many years to form among competing companies.

The goal the partnership is to further empower businesses to compliantly access, store, and manage secure data and services across an interoperable ecosystem that will connect all of the world’s consumers to businesses.

“This partnership represents the tidal shift of Privacy and data Interoperability in a Multi-Cloud world,” said Fred Jin, co-founder and CEO of Cere Network. “We believe Harmony has what it takes to become a leader in consensus performance. Our collaboration will allow enterprise customers around the world to break free from outdated, siloed solutions to finally utilize their customers’ data in a privacy preserving, cloud/network agnostic way.”

The collaboration will enable businesses to take advantage of blockchain technologies from both companies. Businesses will be able to maintain true data ownership while preserving customer data privacy using Cere’s data services, and respond to real-time customer insights to each user by using Cere’s dynamic personalization services.

“Cere Network is solving real business pain-points with their innovative SaaS/Services framework,” said Stephen Tse, founder and CEO of Harmony. “With our strategic partnership, we want to make sure that our teams collaborate to ensure both companies’ partners and clients will benefit from each other’s advancements in the space – leveraging the strength of both teams, drawing from our secure sharding from and utilizing shared data storage solutions from Cere.”

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