Blockchain Studios Launch Virtual Reality Game in Conjunction with AmaZix

Blockchain Studios is set to disrupt the virtual reality gaming world with its new multiplayer virtual reality-enabled CryptoCarz game.

Gaming Partnership

Blockchain Studios is a Hong Kong blockchain-based studio made up of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers and more. The team has joined forces with AmaZix, community management, and engagement firm, to develop CryptoCarz, a virtual reality racing experience powered by blockchain technology.

According to a press release from the management firm, players of the CryptoCarz game will be able to “purchase” cars of their choice and various features to the virtual reality game straight from their Ethereum wallets.

As such, players have the full right of ownership to all items they purchased or won in-game. The team has also made it clear that CryptoCarz will allow gamers to buy from a vast array of “crypto-themed” sports cars.

“CryptoCarz is built on the understanding that every racer wants bragging rights to a unique car customized and modified to their personal taste,” the team said.

Unlike most applications, the project is built upon the ERC-721 NFT protocol which is a non-fungible token. However, the team is adding more features to the system with blockchain. Further, the system uses smart contracts to ensure all cars are unique.


“Players will buy the cars of their choice accessing a garage to install the very latest mods, kits and upgrades to produce completely unique builds. Each car on offer will be from a limited-edition series, enforced by smart contracts to ensure that no copy of each model will ever be produced again.”

The AmaZix team have built a special limited edition AmaZix racer to celebrate the launch of the symbiotic partnership. AmaZix reiterated that:

“We are looking forward to a special invitation-only AmaZix racing competition soon!”

The collaboration possibilities between the Ethereum platform and gaming is becoming a growing trend in the sector. Perhaps the most significant success being CryptoKitties, which took the world by storm in 2017 and spawned numerous spin-offs and successors.

The massive success of the first wasn’t without its technical benefits either. Upon its release, the exchange of tradable kittens along Ethereum’s blockchain slowed transaction times to a grinding halt.

While simultaneously revealing the scalability shortcomings of the network, it also inspired myriad other gaming opportunities. Only time will tell as to the benefits CryptoCarz will generate hereafter.

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